Flock Together

I’ve seen tons of bib necklaces lately. I actually like a lot of them – they’re cool and chunky and all be-chained (adj.: covered in chains).

This is the first necklace I’ve seen with bird feathers dangling from the ends of it. I’ve seen a couple that have the feathers as the central focus of the necklace, but this is the first I’ve seen with feathers strewn across the bottom.

It kind of looks like the model, while wearing this necklace, had an unfortunate run-in with a magpie (the only species of bird as drawn to shinies as I am). If that’s the case, you have to give her credit – ever the professional, she composed herself, thought “What Would Tyra Do?”, and worked it.

Bebe Feather Bib Chain Necklace – $64

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