Friday Feets – Converse

I live in Converse. They’re comfortable, they come in many colors, and you can wear them with just about everything (even if you shouldn’t wear them with just about everything).

Yes, I know Converse aren’t particularly new or innovative. I’m sure everyone has owned a pair at some point in their life. But this week was finals week, and I’m tired, so I just want to put together this post quickly then pass out.

So, without further ado … Converse Friday Feets.

Converse at ShopStyle

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Neon Green – $33
Ever since they were bought by Nike, they’ve produced really awesome seasonal Chuck Taylors. Yes, Converse are now 67% more child labor-y, but they’re also 72% more colorful, so I think it all balances out in the wash.

Converse at ShopStyle

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Neon Pink – $33
Case in point. I used to love wearing hi-tops back when I was a kid, but I’ve since grown too concerned about the proportions of my legs looking off. These neon pink hi-tops are making me reconsider.

Converse at ShopStyle

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Slip – $50
I used to own a pair of these, until an unfortunate incident with my boyfriend’s cat, and I had to throw them out. I haven’t replaced them, but really ought to, because they’re perfect shopping shoes. They’re more comfortable than flats, but you can still slip them on and off easily without having to deal with laces. I really ought to have invested in a new pair before I began my mad hunt for a dress to my cousin’s wedding.

Converse at ShopStyle

Converse Chuck Taylor Sparkle Sneaker – $60

You know how you have a great pair of metallic strappy sandals that kind of make you feel like a Greek Goddess, and then they start digging into your big toe and you’re stuck hobbling around in a not Goddess-y kind of way (unless you’re Scholl, Greek Goddess of Foot Pain).

Anyway, these shoes won’t do that to you. They might not match your outfit, but you won’t be stuck carrying them in one hand while you walk home barefoot in New York, trying not to step on glass.

And so concludes another week of Friday Feets. Anyone have any suggestions for next week’s? A type of shoe they’d like? A color? A style? Because I’m seriously not creative enough to think of new things every week.

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