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Hi, Forever 21. Thanks for coming back. I know our last talk was kind of rough. I didn’t mean to hurt you, it’s just that I care about you, and want to buy things from you.

We’ve had our ups and downs, haven’t we? Especially when it comes to skirts you’ve produced. Although, really, those have mostly been downs.

I was beginning to think you hadn’t heard anything I’d said. How could I, when you produce skirts like these?

Bubble hems. More bubble hems. The skirt  on the left looks like those decorative paper covers you put on roast turkeys. The skirt on the right looks like a pair of breeches gone horribly awry.

I’d lost hope.  I really had.

And then I saw this skirt.

You know how you’re always using the word “couture” in the names of your clothes, when it really just means “totally unflattering?” This skirt is a great example of when you actually should describe something as couture.

The pleating isn’t bulky, it looks like it could be really flattering, and it’s actually interesting. Interesting in the good way. Unusual, even. But in the good way, not in the “I can’t think of anything nice to say, so I’ll just smile and say it’s unusual” way.

Actually, your entire Love21 collection this season is pretty great. If you could make more of that, and less of your crackbaby Twelve By Twelve line, that’d be kind of awesome. Because I could definitely stand to see more skirts like this in your store, and fewer plaid shirts with giant bows on them.

Forever 21 Banded Bubble Skirt – $29

Forever 21 Beaded Waistband Bubble Skirt – $22

Forever 21 Crepe Woven Pleated Skirt – $22.80

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