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I stayed up until 3:30 this morning catching up on Lost, so I’m a little groggy. I won’t say anything except that my theory was totally wrong: the island is not actually one of Meghan’s voodoo boxes. Yes, I was the only person hoping for a Lost/Felicity crossover.

But now that it’s over, a new question looms before us. A question more important than “What is the island?” or “Why are Nestor Carbonell’s eyelashes so lush?”

And that question is: “Who thought it would be a good idea to make capri-length jeggings?”

I’d also like to know why they thought a good suggested styling was to have the shirt tucked in. I always thought the excuse for jeggings was, “Well, they’re good to wear under a tunic.” There is no way that skintight capri leggings worn as pants will be a flattering look on anyone.

I’m not even going to deal with the late-90s high contrast fading happening on the thighs. I can’t actually question it, because there is no explanation. There is no excuse. To question why the designers did this would be like asking, “What does the end of the universe look like?” Any response would be so unfathomable, it’s safer to just continue to exist without even asking the question.

That is how confusing these jeggings are to me. Edge-of-the-universe, six-seasons-of-Lost confusing.

Hue Skinny Jeanz Capri Leggings – $30

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