A Tribute To What?

For some reason, the fanpage’s timeline is skipping the bulk of May and June, so I can’t find the name of the person who posted these shoes. If you’re the reader, let me know so I can credit you, because these are a hell of a find.

The timeline is back – thanks, Nicole M, for posting these.

On the left, Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo shoes. On the right, LF’s version, “aptly” named Tribute. And when you read “aptly,” imagine I’m saying it with utter disdain and sarcasm. Just to clarify.

McQueen’s shoes are impractical and beyond my mainstream-retailer sensibilities, but I recognize that they are architectural and creative and befitting of their place in Lady Gaga’s closet (or Kurt’s). So, while I don’t understand the shoes, I do appreciate them for what they are.

The knockffs, on the other hand … I’m only left with one question:


No, really. Why? Is there a demand for these shoes? Should I expect to see women shuffling down Santa Monica Boulevard, looking pained and behoofed?

Yes, I realize those are several questions, but they’re all part of the larger question, which I will again repeat: why? Why make these, except to be kind of tacky and cash in on the death of a brilliant designer?

Oh, right. Because it’s a chance to be tacky and cash in on the death of a brilliant designer.

Never mind. Carry on.

Also do the shoes look like a dinosaur head to anyone else? Or Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors? I keep expecting the knockoffs to start singing catchy pop songs about how they need to eat and I should totally kill that abusive dentist.

Photo by way of Refinery 29.com.

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