Chem or a Keg Stand? 1

I was never interested in joining a sorority, mostly because it just seemed like too much work. But, being easily influenced by pop culture, part of me longs for the crazy misadventures of the Greek characters.

Of course, most of those misadventures revolve around a theme party of some sort, and again, we’re back to the “it seems like too much work” sticking point.

Now I’m 25, and joining a sorority at my new college would be kind of weird and sad. But with a dress like this, you’re your own toga party. Who needs an invite from Delta Chi?

Plus you have a perfect excuse for going to class drunk. Actually, I’m not sure it’s a “perfect excuse,” but if the math department’s receptionist that I just spoke with is any indication, you don’t need an excuse.

ModCloth Doric Order Dress – $57.99

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  1. Reply Kyra Jun 30, 2010 9:33 pm

    And with a different fabric and a little editing this dress could have been a gorgeous little Grecian inspired piece. That’s so sad!

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