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Look familiar? Amy over at the fan page found these after my post about the pants.

Someone needs to talk  with whoever is in charge of buying fabric over at Forever 21. This isn’t the first time they’ve used the same fabric for different styles. Of course, at least with the Flintstones-wear, the fabric wasn’t horrible. What’s impressive is, I didn’t think anything could look worse than the bell-bottoms. I must have been tempting fate. .

I mean, seriously, who looks at this fabric and thinks, “Oh, how versatile!” Or, beyond that, who then uses that fabric to create a baggy romper with a bubble hem? With long sleeves – because if there’s one thing you want when it’s warm enough to wear a polyester romper, it’s long sleeves.

But let’s just say that you have a slight break from reality. You buy the fabric, you design the pattern, a higher-up okays it because they don’t want to shatter you and send you further into a downward spiral of madness. Let’s just pretend all these things have happened.

Then they sew a sample. And they put it on a mannequin. Or worse, they force a model to wear it.

How does no one, at any time, stop and say “You know, this makes her look like a giant blob. Even if it had a shape, I can’t stare at it for long periods of time without inducing a migraine.”

Oh, and apparently, it’s semi-sheer.

Just to recap: this is a dry clean only, long-sleeved, polyester, bubble-hemmed, shapeless romper that requires wearing a layer underneath it because it’s semi-sheer.

What more do you need in life, really?

Forever 21 Floral Print Romper – $39

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  1. Reply Chanel Bags 2016 Apr 13, 2016 1:08 am

    Sofia Vergara, for one, is sure to offer a shoulder to cry on after her skintight Zuhair Murad frock famously split at the seams twenty minutes before she took to the stage at the 2012 Emmys.

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