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I like metal accents. They’re shiny and make me feel like I’m a badass. Which is absurd, because  I do not look like a badass, no matter how many studs and grommets I throw on my accessories. There are many words for what I am, but “badass” is not one of them. No, I am less badass and more, as I described myself last night to a bar patron, “tiny, rage-filled demon of hate.”

So instead, I fantasize about looking like a rocker chick, but throw on a pair of Converse and harass bar patrons. Pretty much the same thing, right?

In case you haven’t picked up on it, today’s Friday Feets theme is …

Xhilaration at ShopStyle

Xhilaration Studded Point Toe Flats – $17.99

Pointy-toed flats with a rubber sole for traction and studs on the back? I’m intrigued. For under $20? Done.

Dolce Vita at ShopStyle

DV by Dolce Vita Denver Flat – $76.95 $42.32

And the counterpoint to the Xhilaration flats – a studded toe. And they’re in five colors, so you’re not just stuck with black.

Jessica Simpson at ShopStyle

Jessica Simpson Ellep – $89

I’ve been seeing a lot of shoes with this zipper detail. The difference is, most of the time they have it on the edge of the shoe, in prime rubbing-against-your-skin territory. More often than not, they have the potential to be very painful.

I like the use of the zipper as piping. And on the back, there’s the zipper pull tab thing (what are those called?), which I find really amusing. I don’t know why the zipper tab thing appeals to me, but it does.

And there you go. A quick post about metal accents, because I am running late and need to leave the house 20 minutes ago.

A special thanks to Chairman Kaga for his help in presenting today’s blog.

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  1. Reply Aline C Jul 1, 2010 4:46 am

    I love the jessica simpson shoes :D

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