Friday Feets – Missed Connections 5

Last night, as I was searching for shoes to post in Friday Feets. I had a theme and everything. Yes, for once, I was planning ahead, rather than frantically scrambling to make a post on Friday at 4:00.

The only problem was, instead of finding shoes to fit the theme, I kept finding shoes that I wish I had posted in previous weeks. So today’s Friday Feets is “Stuff I Missed the First Time Around.” And, of course, I didn’t finish the post last night so I had to scramble to make a post this afternoon.

Moda Spana at ShopStyle

Moda Spana Neptune Wedge Sandal – $75.95

Last week’s post on cork wedges was ridiculously hard to put together. I kept finding pairs that either looked cheesy or too clunky. Had I found these metallic wedges, it would have been much, much easier.

Jessica Simpson at ShopStyle

Jessica Simpson Josette Heels – $81.95

I had one pair of Jessica Simpson platforms in the Hidden Platforms edition of Friday Feets, but I managed to overlook these.

They’re not Christian Louboutin D’Orsay Pumps, but they are pretty sexy. I mean, come on: it even has leopard print lining. If Marilyn Monroe is a pair of Louboutins – well-known and highly coveted – these are the Jayne Mansfield of shoes.

Stuart Weitzman at ShopStyle

Stuart Weitzman Splashy Rainboot – $103 – $135

I covered rain boots a couple weeks ago, and despite my almost obsessive love of Stuart Weitzman, I somehow managed to miss these. Yes, $100 is a high price to pay for rain boots, but I love the grommets and studs at the top. (Note: the $103 price is for the black ones, the $135 is for these hot pink ones).

So there you have it: shoes I found now that I wish I had posted a couple weeks ago. Next week’s installment: the stuff I had originally planned on posting this week before I gave up and made this post instead!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Feets – Missed Connections

  1. Reply Sonja Jun 11, 2010 8:20 pm

    I was inspired by your rain boot post a few weeks ago to buy pink rubber boots with white polka dots. I’m glad I did. This week it’s rained like mad.

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