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Back in the beginning of the 80s resurgence, I would grouse about how I couldn’t wait for the fashion world to move onto the 90s. Finally I’d be able to break out my flannels and Docs again.

Guys. This was not what I meant.  Of the myriad fashions of the 90s – the babydoll dresses, the flannel, the boots, the slap bracelets – why did The Gap choose to reissue the very same overall dress I owned back when I was 8? The only difference is that I wore it with one strap undone, because I saw Clarissa do it once. But seriously, why?

Oh right. Because they’re The Gap, and rather than trying to be a successful clothing chain, they’ve decided to go for the title of “Most Tragic Brand Destruction Since Express Stopped Selling Button Covers.”

The Gap Jean Overall Dress – $69.50

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  1. Reply Kyra Jun 10, 2010 5:02 pm

    I am so thankful that I actually am adopted. My mother just said that this travesty “looks nice” and that I should wear it!

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