Planned Partydress

This dress is called the “Plannin’ and Dreamin’” Dress.

My first thought upon seeing it: I didn’t realize ModCloth was starting a maternity line.

There’s no mention of impending offspring in the description, but I’m not convinced. The skirt portion dwarfs the mannequin’s torso. If not for the fact that everyone knows mannequins reproduce by laying eggs, I would think it was eight months along and expecting twins.

Of course, the site suggests that you:

Flower it up with floral jewelry and wear ruffled socks under your Mary Janes for an all out cute and independent look!

Okay, apparently, I was totally off-base. This isn’t “with child,” it’s “for a child.”

The only question remaining is: are the heart-shaped sunglasses and lollipop sold separately?

ModCloth Plannin and Dreamin Dress – $64.99

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