Sheer Ease

This is called the “Easy Corseted Slipdress.”

I don’t have a problem with short skirts or tight dresses. Nordstrom fails to mention that the dress is totally sheer, but if that’s what you want to wear, go for it. Odds are you’re going to spend your whole night yanking at the hem and trying very hard not to drop anything because you can’t even crouch in a dress this short. But if this is the look that makes you happy, power to you. Most days I choose to look like a 12 year old boy. No judgement here.

But really, Free People? You named a short, tight, sheer slip dress the Easy Corseted Dress? At that point, you’re just begging people to make bad puns with the name, like “Free People Makes You ‘Easy.’”

It’s like making a Rob Schneider movie and calling it “Tedious And Not Funny.” We all know that’s where it’s going, but at least make mocking it a little bit of a challenge.

Free People Easy Corseted Slip Dress – $68

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