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Friday Feets isn’t until tomorrow, but as soon as I saw these shoes, I knew it couldn’t wait.

I can’t take the credit for discovering these – Sonja found them and emailed them to me via that super-cool new “talk back” tab. And, as she put it:

I found this lovely pair of jellies. The straps are elastic, the sole is plastic, and the guy at DSW claims that they’re scented. The pink ones are, allegedly, strawberry scented. (I’m not sure about that).

Scented shoes. How is this not already a thing? I hope that the blue ones are blueberry scented, and the black ones smell like black licorice, just like those Mr. Sketch markers.

As for the rest of the shoe, I certainly never though of combining jellies with gladiator sandals – but then again, I never thought of scented shoes, either, so clearly I’m not a shoe innovator. Bu the real stroke of genius is having elastic straps. Everyone knows the least comfortable part of wearing jellies is how they rub against feet. Depending on how tight these elastic straps are, there’s a chance the shoes won’t even budge as you walk. Granted, they also might cut off circulation to your feet, but that’s a small price to pay, right?

The only downside is, since they have elastic, you can’t just hose them down like with other jellies. This is unfortunate, given that jellies don’t breathe particularly well.

I guess that’s where the scent comes in – with a light fruit smell, people won’t be asking, “Ugh, is that smell your shoes?” Instead they’ll be saying with delight, “Oh, is that smell your shoes?”

They’re normally $50, but they’re a steal over at DSW for only $35. Of course, in this transaction, I’m not sure who’s stealing from whom.

Zigi Soho Gellin Sandal – $50 $34.95

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  1. Reply Scott Jun 17, 2010 10:21 pm

    But do the snozberry ones smell like snozberries?!

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