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Last week, I was searching for a picture of button covers to include in my Gap overall dress post. It was harder to find a good photo than I expected (mine was courtesy of an eBay listing – no, I don’t know if it sold).

But in my searches, I came across a shirt by Quacker Factory. If you don’t watch The Soup or The Dish, then you’re probably not familiar with this amazing company available through QVC. They had a shirt with built-in button covers that I was going to post about; unfortunately, it sold out. I know, I shouldn’t have waited. I should have guessed that the long sleeved button down shirt with butterfly print and butterfly button covers would sell out quickly.

This has not, although supplies are limited.

It wasn’t until I started surfing the Quacker Factory homepage that I began to fully understand its genius. No, I don’t know what that genius is, but I’m pretty sure there is some, and this t-shirt is a damn good example of it.

Any other designer would just put a standard image of a tiger on the shirt and call it a day. But Quacker Factory doesn’t leave it at that. No, they add sequins (sequins are more summery than bedazzling, I’d imagine). They give the tiger an amused, kitten-like expression. And, most importantly, they continue the tiger’s body onto the sleeve so that, when your arm is lying against your side, one of your arms is a tiger leg.

Think about how much that allows you to say, in just a simple shirt. It tells the world that you’ve got a sense of humor, a whimsical nature. But you’ve got a wild side, too. You have some tiger lurking within – the raw power, the fierceness.

But I can never sell it the way that the Quacker Family can. As they put it:

“Animal print, to me, is always in. So, what we’ve done is, we’ve kind of changed it, and quackatised it.”

Indeed you have, Quacker Factory. Indeed you have.

Quacker Factory 3/4 Sleeve Large Animal Sequin T-Shirt – $36

*Make sure to watch the video on the product description. That’s the only way to truly appreciate the cult of Quacker.

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  1. Reply Nicole M Jun 15, 2010 7:42 am

    And the rest of us get to giggle when they move their arm and the “leg” gets hiked. Watch out! He’s marking his territory!

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