Dancing Around Definitions

“Pants: an outer garment covering each leg separately and usually extending from the waist to the ankle —usually used in plural.” – Merriam Webster Dictionary

“Trousers: an outer garment covering the body from the waist to the ankles, with a separate part for each leg.” – Oxford English Dictionary.

These are the “Dancing Queen Pants.”

Yes, pants. Not leggings, not an underlayer. Pants. That you wear down the street. That you wear to the grocery store. That you wear to pick up your child at school. Pants. ShopBop considers these to be pants.

Are they outer garments? Yes.

Are there separate parts for each leg? Yes.

Do they cover the body from waist to ankle? Technically, yes.

But are they pants?  You know, there’s letter of the law and spirit of the law.

I’m thinking these fall on the side of “letter of the law.”

Blue Life Dancing Queen Lace Pants – $97 $48.50

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