Fine Swedish Construction

When I buy those build it yourself shelves, it is inevitable that I will mess up. Despite following all the instructions to a T, thanks to my firm grasp of Swedish, the top part ends up on the bottom, the unpainted sides are facing out, and I have too many screws left over.

But, by the time I realize it,  I’ve spent far too  much time trying to figure out what a dowel looks like and I’m sick of using those weird built-in wrenches. I give up and hope that it holds.

Likewise, that’s what seems to have happened with this dress. I’m pretty sure that the panel with horizontal stripes was supposed to go underneath the right strap, rather than over it. Otherwise, you screw up what is a really good use of stripes – I like the chevron pattern, with the lines of the straps coming in at a different angle . It’s a striped dress without feeling like a striped dress.

Or, it would be, if not for the fact that someone misread the instructions, realized their mistake, and hoped no one would notice.

Unless, of course, it’s intentional. In which case, I totally meant to make one side of that bookshelf higher than the other.

ModCloth Starlet of Style Dress – $94.99

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