Friday Feets: Sandals 4

Summer only hit LA three days ago. No, really. It rained last Saturday. In mid-July. Then Tuesday rolled around, and suddenly it  was 90° and I realized I didn’t own any shorts.

I’m still on a quest to find shorts – I’ve owned all of four pairs since I was 16 – but in the meantime, I’ve been entertaining myself by looking at summery footwear.

So, today’s theme is …

Chairman Kaga especially enjoys the trapeze classes.

BC Footwear at ShopStyle

BC Footwear Oh Sailor Sandal – $36.06

I really like these and I don’t know why. In my head, someone else is wearing them - someone who is distinctly more artsy, more grounded, more scarf-tied-around-her-headish. Or I imagine these shoes on the girls I see walking Robertson, who somehow manage to be effortless and stylish – girls who can wear cutoff jean bermuda shorts and not look butch.

These aren’t shoes I’d normally gravitate toward, but I really like them, I guess because I associate them with so much that’s the opposite of who I am. It makes them exotic, despite being totally unexotic.

Oh, and they received really good reviews on

Seychelles at ShopStyle

Seychelles Get Outta Town Flat – $62.36-79.95

Simple and dressy. The last few nights have been warm; if I bothered to dress up, I’d wear these with a lightweight dress and would feel very pretty and girly – right up until that  first time I trip, which inevitably happens when I make the mistake of thinking I’m graceful. Seriously, I don’t know why my feet want to take me down a peg, but apparently they have real issues with my putting on airs.

FitFlop at ShopStyle

FitFlop Oasis Sandal – $39.95-$49.95

No, really. Go with me here.

I’ve been trying to find a way to write about these for a while. I don’t know or care if they tone your legs or strengthen your thighs or bake you a gourmet cake in the dream kitchen they built for you with their own hands. Those aren’t the reason why you should own these. You should own these because they are remarkably comfortable.

They don’t come in half sizes, which can take some adjusting to. But once you’re used to it, these are the most comfortable flip flops ever. And all because of one simple thing:

They have arch support.

Yes. Arch support. For your arches. Like real shoes. Which, if you have weird high arches like mine, is magical. These are now my go-to shoes for when I’m too lazy to put on Converse. Yes, it’s possible to be that lazy.

They’re not particularly attractive shoes, but they’re comfortable and I can walk in them. My dog now knows that, if I put on those  flip flops, he is going outside. Or I am just checking the mail and am a cruel tease. One of the two. But the point is, these are now my go-to “I have to run outside for a few minutes” or “I don’t feel like tying laces” shoes.

And so ends another week. I’ll be back on Monday, provided I survive shopping for shorts.

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4 thoughts on “Friday Feets: Sandals

  1. Reply Nicole Dyan Jul 16, 2010 3:42 pm

    I feel ya on the shorts front. Yesterday I tried to find shorts and failed miserably. I normally wear skirts and dresses, but it just doesn’t work when you have to play drums for 2 hours in a 90 degree concrete box in downtown. Let me know if you find anywhere with a decent selection!

  2. Reply Nicole M Jul 19, 2010 8:59 am

    Fit Flops are awesome. (I wish I could find mine, but they’ve been eaten by moving boxes…) And yes, they do work if you’re power walking in them. Else, super comfy.

    Alternatively, I feel you should know about the magic of Chacos. I, too, am a high-arch girl and I live in these now. After waitressing, this is how my feet recover. When I tried them on the first time, I thought “holy crap, these arches might be TOO high, even for me” but now my arches are spoiled and I love it.

    Happy shorts hunting!

  3. Reply Ella Jul 24, 2010 6:28 pm

    I rarely ever wear anything but flipflops if I am not dressing up. I can’t even drive with shoes on. And wherever I go my shoes come off within 3 seconds. Including school and work. I am a barefoot kind of girl, even though I love shopping for shoes. Once I forgot to even put anything on my feet when I was going to the beach. Wow, I sound like such a freak…


  4. Reply Izalika Aug 3, 2010 5:55 am

    “Too lazy to put on Converse” is not surprising…those things take work!

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