The Hardest Working Model Steps Out

More often than not, I check my email on my Blackberry. As a result, images don’t show up in most emails.

I am so glad that today I checked  it on my computer for a change, because this is the promotional image ModCloth sent out.

Congratulations, Hardest Working Model at ModCloth! You look so summer-y with your straw hat, jellies and chick lit novel (I’m guessing; the cover kind of looks chick lit-ish). And those shorts are … something. High waisted, bunching up through the front, with a narrow leg opening. It’s just more proof that the Hardest Working Model at ModCloth has an almost superhuman ability to wear even the most unflattering articles of clothing.

Has she been tested for performance enhancing substances? Is it even possible for models to juice? I’m not trying to cast aspersions on her good name, but it doesn’t seem possible that someone can wear this outfit and still look effortless.

ModCloth Summer Advertisement

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