Hot Topic Has a Fever 3

When I was growing up, Hot Topic was a refuge for the local “alternative” kids who were only at the mall because it had air conditioning.

Or so I heard – I can’t remember ever going into one until I was out of high school. As a young teenager, I wouldn’t dare shop at a store that was so obviously trying too hard. Plus, I was afraid of it, with the loud music and withering glares from the overly-pierced employees.

But now that I’m older, I can safely step foot into one on occasion. One such occasion arose today, when I was at the mall between classes (I have a four hour gap in my day).

The music was still loud, the employees were still overly-pierced. But as I wandered the aisles, something caught my eye.

Justin Bieber? Seriously, Hot Topic?

Seriously. They are selling tons of Justin Bieber merchandise.

For those of you unfamiliar with “that Bieber kid,” as I call him, this is the guy whose face launched a dozen Hot Topic shirts:

It’s like going to your high school reunion and finding out that the anarchist from your math class is now a corporate lawyer. Even if you thought he was a tool at the time, you can’t help but feel a little disappointed and saddened by what he’s become.

I never particularly liked Hot Topic, but this is just kind of embarrassing. “Bieber Fever” should not have spread to the psuedo-goth institution. Is nothing safe?

Back in the day, the “alternative” girls would have rolled their eyes in disgust and talked about how Tool is way better. Sure, they would all go home to their secret Bieber shrines and listen to his CD over and over again while crying, but publicly they’d never admit to owning anything Bieber-branded.

But it seems that these days, Hot Topic caters to both the be-pierced and the teeny boppers. Want a new Twilight t-shirt? They’ve got it. Looking for a way to store your makeup and show whose Team you’re on? Your search is over. Need some packing tape?

Tape away.

Justin Bieber Hearts Rubber Wristband – $6.99

Justin Bieber One Time Football Tee – $11.98

Twilight New Moon Wolf Pack Tattoo Packing Tape – $4.98

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3 thoughts on “Hot Topic Has a Fever

  1. Reply L-A Dec 8, 2010 6:32 pm

    Sometimes it’s sad when Canada’s talent moves to the States. However, we gladly give you the Biebs. You can keep him.

  2. Reply Amanda Dec 8, 2010 6:48 pm

    Are you sure? Because I don’t think we should selfishly hoard such a rare talent. You guys can totally have him back.

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