It Keeps You From Getting Meshy

If her regular submissions are any indication, reader Ariel spends more time than I do looking at ugly clothes. And damn, does she find some ugly clothes.

In her words,

Too bad it doesn’t come with a matching leopard-print sword.

My initial response was surprise that Bebe marketed this as a necklace and not a top. In fact, as I sit here writing this, a friend just looked at my screen and said, “Oh, that’s a pretty top.”

As I explained that no, this is supposed to be a necklace, I tried to take a drink of water and spilled it down my shirt – not an unusual occurrence for me. That’s when I realized: this isn’t a necklace or a top.

It’s a bib.

It’s a grown-up bib. It’s perfect for those of us who can’t manage to keep food and drinks off our clothes, but don’t want the embarrassment of whipping out one of those plastic lobster bibs.

Thank you, Bebe, for doing such a great service for those of us who can’t eat without spilling on themselves.

Although, next time, could you make one that’s got little dinosaurs on it? Because I’m not big into leopard print, but I love dinosaurs.

Bebe Mesh Leopard Necklace – $74

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