My Ankles Are Sore 1

Hannah sent these in a month ago – yes, my turnaround time is just that slow. Fortunately, they haven’t sold out yet, so I can share these with all of you.

The part of me that loves metallics and badassery kind of likes these.

The part of me that can’t take five steps without bumping one foot against the other cringes at the thought of actually trying to walk in a pair of shoes that remind me of an ankylosaurus.

My friend Bennett claims that the ankylosaurus was the most badass of all the dinosaurs. While I don’t agree on that point, I would argue it was the most fashion-forward.

Sam Edelman Lorissa Peeptoe Suede Heels – $189

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One comment on “My Ankles Are Sore

  1. Reply Ankylosaur Jones Aug 11, 2010 6:50 pm

    Nuh uh, girlfriend! We ankylosaurs were the most fashion-forward AND badass at the same time. We were the best dressed, we partied all night, and if you talked smack, you got a face full of tail. IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN. We could really swing our clubs around, am i right? Oh i’m baaaad.

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