Friday Feets: White Shoes

It’s Labor Day weekend – which, if style laws are to be believed, means it’s time to retire your whites for the winter.

Of course, as any good rebel knows, rules are meant to be broken.

Tom Wolfe agrees, and has generously loaned the Chairman a white suit for the occasion.

Converse at ShopStyle

Converse All Star Ox – $45

This may be my Converse addiction talking, but there is nothing that looks nicer than a brand new pair of Converse. They’re so full of promise, of all the comfortable adventures you have yet to have. Then you wear them once, they get scuffed and dirty, and they give you a blister because Converse are only comfortable once you’ve broken them in. But for that first step out the door, you have the perfect sneaker.

Of course, if you’re as crazy as I am, you wonder to yourself whether or not you should just never wear them outside so that they don’t get dirty. From that point it’s not long before you’re walking around your apartment wearing white Converse wrapped in plastic, and you’re that creepy neighbor whose apartment makes the whole hallway smell like cats and soup.

But at least your sneakers are white.

Pleaser USA at ShopStyle

Funtasma Knee High Boot – $49.95

Sure, Funtasma’s shoes are geared toward “Slutty Noun” costumes, but sell some decent knee-high boots. It’s what your vintage 60s minidress is missing (and if you don’t have one and live in LA, American Vintage on Hollywood Blvd used to have an awesome stock for $20 each, not sure if they still do). And let’s be honest: you know you want a pair every time you hear “These Boots Were Made For Walking.”

Aldo at ShopStyle

Aldo Gutenberg Heels – $54.98

Because everyone has basic black heels.

Steve Madden at ShopStyle

Steve Madden Daarling T-Strap Sandal – $69.95

I might end up buying these. They’re perfect for wearing with jeans, and I don’t have many heels that work with jeans. Sure, I’ll have managed to spill something on them within 20 minutes of leaving the house, but they’d be great for someone less clumsy than I. Also, while I have no way of verifying it, that looks like a very comfortable footbed; a rare blessing in the land of heels.

So that’s it for Friday Feets this week. I want to thank my special guest, Tom Wolfe, for stopping by to offer his expertise. Hope you guys have a good long weekend!

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