Fun With Search Terms 2

There are times when I really question what I’m doing – when I stop, read what I’ve written, then shake my head and wonder out loud, “Seriously, what is wrong with me?”

It may be when I spend my Saturday night designing a flow chart to determine when it’s appropriate to wear a fishnet skirt. It happened when I analyzed what a cupcake-eating hippo said about our society.

Or, most recently, the other day when I check my stat counter and saw that someone found this blog by Bing-ing “mullet dress.”

Because if you are possessed to search for a Mullet Dress, you can find an entire category on this blog.

I think what really worries me, though, is that even while I’m questioning my sanity … I’m also kind of proud. Because if a person finds this blog while searching for something as hideous as a mullet dress – well, I must be doing something right.

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