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Nicole M. posted this to the fanpage.

Normally, I like to respond to comments with my usual wit and nuance, but in this case, all I could muster was “Are they high at Forever 21?” Because, seriously, that’s the only explanation for why they thought a black lace bra on top of a white t-shirt was a reasonable thing to sell.

The website claims this is an “avant garde” look. “Avant garde” translates to “advanced guard” and is often used to describe someone cutting edge. If this look is cutting edge, then I was ahead of my time at the age of seven when I thought it would be totally awesome to play “grown ups” with my friend by putting her mom’s bras on over our clothes.

I also have a technical question about this top: do you wear a bra with it? Because I’d imagine that wouldn’t be particularly comfortable, but by the same token, can a bra on top of a shirt really offer that much support?

The one good thing I can say for this top is that it’s on sale for $4.99, which is a pretty good bargain for a white t-shirt and a bra with an underwire.

Either way, is this going to become a thing? Because I can deal with this if it’s an anomaly. But if it’s going to become a thing, I’m going to seriously start doubting the sanity of both designers and the wearers.

Unless the wearers are actually superheros. If they’re superheroes, it’s  acceptable.

I tried contacting him for his opinion on this potential trend, but Quailman was unavailable for comment.

Forever 21 Lingerie Tee Shirt – $4.99

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