Friday Feets: Halloween Accessories

Friday Feets: Halloween Accessories
When I was a kid, I desperately wanted holiday-themed clip on earrings. I'm guessing this can be blamed on Clarissa Darling and Claudia Kishi (who, of course, made her own out of twine and glitter-coated stale Cheerios). Now I'm an adult and have no desire to wear a dangling skeleton in one ear and a ...

Costume Ideas #23: Last Minute Courtesy of F21 7

Costume Ideas #23: Last Minute Courtesy of F21
I know the Bebe costumes from the other day were a bit pricey, so I surfed Forever 21 to find some cheaper last-minute options. If you were inspired by Jim's Three Hole Punch Paper costume from The Office, here's another (low maintenance) paper-related costume. Paper in a shredder. An even easier costume than Jim's since ...

ModLol On the Case

ModLol On the Case
I'm concerned - the ModLol's been awful quiet, and no good ever comes from a quiet ModLol. Let's check in with her to make sure she's not getting into too much trouble. Oh, ModLol. You're such a rascal. ModCloth Crystal Cl-earrings - $34.99

Costume Ideas #22: Everything At Bebe, Ever 4

Costume Ideas #22: Everything At Bebe, Ever
With less than a week till Halloween, there isn't much time left to order a costume online. The good news is, your Halloween costume is only as far as the nearest Bebe store. You know what Wonder Woman's outfit was missing? Giant saddlebag-inspired pockets. Sure, they're wildly unflattering, but where else are you going to ...

Sesame Shore 2

Sesame Shore
I'll admit, I was a little unfair to the Sesame Street costumes the other day. I didn't fully understand the versatility of the costumes because I didn't have the full context. Did you know they make fully licensed Jersey Shore costumes? Finally, you can dress up as Snookie, Pauly D, or the Situation. Can you ...

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