Costume Ideas #22: Everything At Bebe, Ever 4

With less than a week till Halloween, there isn’t much time left to order a costume online. The good news is, your Halloween costume is only as far as the nearest Bebe store.

You know what Wonder Woman’s outfit was missing? Giant saddlebag-inspired pockets.

Sure, they’re wildly unflattering, but where else are you going to keep your lasso of truth and keys to the invisible plane? Even if the pockets make you look a little pear shaped, they’re still better than utility belts, the superhero’s fanny pack.

Has your Sexy Mummy costume gotten lost in the mail? Bebe’s got the perfect replacement.

Most mummy costumes just involve a short dress and some dangling bandages. Lame. But not this lingerie-inspired take on the classic Sexy Mummy outfit. The black lace will give you a sultry edge, distinguishing you from the masses of costume-shop mummies.

All you’ll need is a Tutencomehither stare.

One of the biggest problems with Halloween costumes is how skimpy most are. Halloween is at the end of October, people. Fall is turning into winter. Daylight savings time is almost over. It is chilly out, and you don’t want to start November with a head cold because your sexy nurse costume didn’t provide proper warmth.

But don’t worry. Bebe’s got your back.

This furry jacket can be incorporated into any number of costumes. The only limit is your imagination. Want to be a sexy animal? Kittens and bunnies are overplayed. You know what’s really sexy? A black bear.

Look at that classic pinup pose. Scare off your competition with a sexy black bear costume. In fact, if you start growling and chasing after the Playboy bunnies and sexy kittens, I can guarantee that you will catch the eye of every guy at the party.

Bebe Addiction Embroidered Bustier Jumpsuit – $129

Bebe Lacey Eggshell Sheath Dress – $159

Bebe Faux Fur Bolero Jacket – $159

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4 thoughts on “Costume Ideas #22: Everything At Bebe, Ever

  1. Reply Ella Oct 26, 2010 7:01 pm

    That sexy mummy dress looks like something Jenny would wear. On a good day.

  2. Reply Sonja Oct 28, 2010 5:26 pm

    That sexy mummy dress is actually way better than the sexy mummy costume I saw.

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