Friday Feets: Flying Brogues 2

If you follow my insane ramblings the blog on Twitter, then you know I spent the better part of Tuesday at Volkswagen while my car was serviced. You also probably know that I hate Harvey Levin and TMZ. The man is hideous, the show is terrible. It’s abysmal. I don’t know how this show exists.

Actually, I take that back. I know exactly how a show like this exists. Here’s my theory:

I think we can all agree that many celebrities and agents have sold their souls for success. When Satan finally decided he wanted to break into TV, he just gave them all a call and appeared on Earth in the form of Harvey Levin.

In other words: I am not entirely convinced that Harvey Levin isn’t a demon spawn.

I’m sure you’re thinking, “That’s an excellent theory, Amanda, but how does this tie in with Friday Feets?” I’m glad you asked.

Remember how, a few years ago, a journalist in Iraq threw a shoe at President Bush?

Regardless of political affiliation, you have to admit: throwing shoes at someone or something is kind of funny. I’d easily rank shoes in the top five humorous projectiles.

So, today’s theme is:

I went with brogues because menswear-inspired shoes are more aerodynamic. It’s a basic law of physics.

Asos at ShopStyle

Asos Tweed Lace Up Flat Shoes – $53.92

Honestly, I’m not a big brogue fan. I like them on other people, but I’m not sure how to style them. Throwing them, however – that I know how to do. I like the different textures, especially the herringbone. These actually look menswear-inspired (unusual because many remind me of jazz shoes).


ModCloth Take Me With Shoe – $59.99

Imagine this shoe as they fly through the air toward a TV: the light glinting off the metallic leather, the twirl of the laces, the soft, pliable leather bouncing off the glass, the satisfying thud of the wood heel when the shoe lands on the floor.

Oh yes. These will do just fine.

Aldo at ShopStyle

Aldo Kegerries Flat Brogue Shoes – $75.83

The traditional brown leather. They don’t have the flair of the ModCloth or Asos brogues, but they’re classics.

Oxford at ShopStyle

J.Crew Camden Suede Brogues – $250

J. Crew has several pairs of brogues available, but I loved the green suede. Suede feels very fall for me, and I’m ready for it to be fall here in LA. The color is unexpected, but it’s still neutral enough that it doesn’t pull focus from your outfit (you still want to the outfit to work, even if you’re going to be taking off the shoes).

For the animal lover looking for a stylish shoe to chuck, I believe the ModCloth and Asos shoes are imitation leather.

And there you have it: brogues that are perfect for throwing at your TV whenever you see Harvey Levin, or any other TV personality incites that degree of annoyance – Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, Ed Schultz, Lara Spencer, the Creepy Dancing Old Guy in the Six Flags commercials.

Have a good weekend, and thanks for reading!

Note: You Want Me to Wear What does not endorse throwing shoes at actual people. You Want Me to Wear What is purely for comedic purposes. If you choose to throw a shoe at someone, please do not credit You Want Me to Wear What with the inspiration. Also, please be aware that throwing shoes at your television may result in damage to the TV and/or the shoe. Exercise caution when throwing shoes.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Feets: Flying Brogues

  1. Reply Kyra Oct 15, 2010 3:41 pm

    Oh I love the glances I get when I’m giggling (somewhat manically) at my laptop on campus. I especially love the disclaimer you thought to put in.

  2. Reply Amanda Oct 15, 2010 3:43 pm

    @Kyra – Maniacal giggling is key with this blog … I started doing that the other day at VW and someone actually tried to look at what was on my screen. It was weird.

    And yeah, need the disclaimer – I am far too not employed to be sued.

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