Friday Feets: Halloween Accessories

When I was a kid, I desperately wanted holiday-themed clip on earrings. I’m guessing this can be blamed on Clarissa Darling and Claudia Kishi (who, of course, made her own out of twine and glitter-coated stale Cheerios).

Now I’m an adult and have no desire to wear a dangling skeleton in one ear and a pumpkin on the other. Even still, I find Halloween-themed accessories wildly amusing.

Which means today’s (very spooky theme) is:

Old Navy at ShopStyle

Old Navy Felt Trick or Treat Bag – $3.99

The felt handle is definitely easier to carry than the standard plastic pumpkin. This is important since the number one cause of Low Candy Acquisition among trick-or-treaters is physical discomfort (second is stamina of parents, third is bursting into tears because of lawn decorations).

Catherines at ShopStyle

Catherines Jill O’Lantern Earrings – $7.79

I would have been all over these back when I was nine. Weirdly enough, I couldn’t find too many of these on ShopStyle (which is kind of why I do the Friday Feets posts – I’m a ho).

Catherines at ShopStyle

Catherines Trick or Treat Pin – $8.99

I’m pretty sure I had an elementary school art teacher who wore this pin. Back then I thought those kinds of pins were totally cheesy. But, y’know, themed earrings were cool. My logic was impeccable.


Iron Fist Zombie Stomper Platform Heel – $39
Undead skull on your feet? Way better than the usual cheesy stripper heels.

T.U.K. at ShopStyle

T.U.K Women’s A7837L Pump (Frankenstein Pump) – $45
Frankenstein shoes that aren’t Halloween-exclusive. Or maybe they are Halloween exclusive and I’m just letting my love of brightly colored heels get in the way of good taste.

Richmond at ShopStyle

Asos Richmond Silver Skeleton Necklace – $131.02
If you’ve been thinking to yourself, “If I only had a $130 skeleton necklace, this Halloween would be complete,” your holiday has been saved.

In truth, I have no idea why this is over $100. I’m pretty sure you can buy the same thing at Claire’s. But if buying this particular necklace will make you happy, more power to you.

Robeez at ShopStyle

Robeez Infants “3D Monster” Crib Shoe – $36
Why don’t these exist in real people sizes? I would wear them every them every. Especially if they made growling noises. Can we make that happen? Growling adult sized crib shoes need to exist.

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