Friday Feets: The Ferret Feets Edition 1

I have a tendency to do things without thinking them through, like buying produce the day before I leave on a trip or, say, devoting an entire week of my blog to ferret clothing. I found enough material for four days of posts, but it never occurred to me to make sure that someone made shoes for ferrets.

And really, that’s when you know you’ve gone down the rabbit ferret hole, isn’t it? When you kick yourself for just assuming that ferret shoes exist. It’s moments like those where I can’t decide whether it’s awesome or terrifying that this is my job. I’m going with “awesome,” but odds are, that’s not the right answer.

So, much to my dismay, ferret shoes do not exist. For those of you who are crafty, this could be a great untapped market. It actually surprises me that ferret shoes aren’t out there – shoes are probably more useful to ferrets than hats. How else can they be expected to play baseball?

But no, ferret shoes haven’t been realized – yet. So for this Friday Feets, I’m going to post shoes that I think ferrets might like, were they to come in ferret-sizes. And, for some reason, ModCloth seems like just the brand to make tiny, adorable, stylish shoes.

Also known as:

I’ve surfed the internet far and wide to find some ferrets desperately in need of footwear. I’m sticking with low heels or flats, because I don’t think ferrets would like wearing heels.

Let’s start with Mitzy, who wants to go back to school in style but can’t find a thing to wear. A cute pair of flats would be perfect for her, and extra embellishments can keep her entertained between classes.

Modcloth Sémillon Flat – $44.99

A classic beauty like Grace needs a style as equally timeless. These quilted flats can go anywhere, and the gold beads add the kind of glamor that ferrets demand.

ModCloth Pick Me Up Flat – $29.99

Like her name suggests, Ferretgamo here has very refined tastes. She only eats organic rabbit meat and wouldn’t know what to do without her weekly visits to Barneys. She’d love a pair of shoes that would match her favorite necklace.

ModCloth Wow Factor Heel – $99.99

Ferrets can be very outdoorsy, but nobody likes snow in their paws. So how about a nice pair of boots? This season, the over the knee flat boot is popular. This ferret would look like a little rocker in a pair of these.

ModCloth On the Moors Boot – $199

Rikki Tikki Tummy here had one too many last night, but she has a brunch to attend. Help her roll out of bed and into a cute pair of sandals – stylish enough to make it look like she put in some effort, but low maintenance enough that she doesn’t actually have to.

ModCloth Link Happy Thoughts Sandal – $31.99

So ends Ferret Week. Let’s now commence the closing ceremonies, with the traditional Dance of the Weasels.

Have a good weekend guys! See you next week, with a blog that is 67% more about people clothes.

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