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I’ve always been a big baseball fan, but over the last couple years, I’ve started to follow football. I still don’t understand it as well as baseball, but it’s fun to watch.

In fact, watching football is so fun that just the other day I was thinking to myself, “I really enjoy football. I love it so much, I want to express my love for it the only way I know how: by wearing a trashy football-themed outfit whenever I watch a game.”

Let the hunt begin!

Ugh. So overplayed. Plus, I hate rooting for Dallas. My love for Jessica Simpson’s shoe line prevents me from cheering for anything associated with Tony Romo.  This boycott this includes things that sound like “Tony Romo” – Tony Roma’s, that means you. Roma tomatoes, you’re on notice pending further review.

Okay, getting closer, but it’s still not quite trashy enough. It does give me an idea, though …


A bustier made out of footballs. It’s perfect! I won’t just be expressing my love for the sport, I’ll be paying tribute to the ball itself. Trampily paying tribute. Paying trampbute. Yes.

I can’t wait to wear this while watching the game at my aunt’s house on Thanksgiving. That will totally be an appropriate occasion to sport this at.

Sport this at – get it? See what I did there? Man, I really am remarkably clever. I am the best football fan EVAR.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Costume – $49.99

Wide Receiver Costume – $39.99

TopShop Faux Leather Harness Zip Up Bralet – $65

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