Clueless (again) 4

Mel: What the hell is that?
Cher: A dress.
Mel: Says who?
Cher: Calvin Klein.

There were many great fashion moments in Clueless. The plaid skirts and over the knee socks, Cher’s magical closet, the red Alaia dress. Honestly, it’s selling the movie short to say it has “great fashion moments” – the whole movie was fashion, to the point where ModCloth named a red dress the “Valley Party Dress,” and I knew what it would look like before I clicked the link.

In comparison to the rest of the outfits, Cher’s white Calvin Klein slip dress never struck me as particularly spectacular. It’s a great dress and the fit is perfect, but … it’s a white Calvin Klein slip dress.

What does make this dress memorable is the conversation Cher has with her dad. It’s a brilliant exchange – not because it’s particularly clever or quippy, but because it’s the exact conversation any girl would have with her father if she tried to leave the house in a white Calvin Klein slip dress.

That scene pretty much sums up why I love Clueless – not only is it funny and smart, but it’s more real than most teen movies made today. I never turned the new girl into a total Betty, but who hasn’t had a friend tell and retell a story to get attention? Who hasn’t tried to set a friend up and had it go very, very wrong?

If you’ve already bought ModCloth’s Valley Party dress and want to complete your Cher’s Party Dress Collection, Calvin Klein has brought back the white slip dress (also in red) for a limited time. Sure, it’s $916 and you can probably buy the same thing in the lingerie department at Bloomingdales for $30, but let’s be honest: $916 a small price to pay if you’ve got your eye on a total Baldwin like Christian, right?

Calvin Klein Collection “Clueless” Limited Edition Dress – $916

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