Finally Out of My Turkey Coma

My family has two Thanksgivings – the first on Thursday at a relative’s house, the second a few days later at my parents’ house. It’s been dubbed “Second Thanksgiving” (we’re creative like that), and it’s by far my favorite holiday. This is partly because Second Thanksgiving is the only holiday where a main component of the meal is marshmallows.

Which is why I’m giving this top a pass: it’s roomy enough to allow for the food baby I get after eating an entire sweet potato pie. The belt might have to go – it’s too restricting when I’m sprawled out on the couch, digesting my meal for three days like an anaconda.

That must be the reason the Forever 21 designers invented this top. Otherwise, they’ve created a shirt that poufs out at the widest part of a woman’s body. It makes the model look thick – a clear violation of The Mannequin Rule. I’m guessing the belt was intended to define the waist, but it’s … yeah, there’s no waist there. There’s just more fabric.

I’m also pretty sure the only bottoms you can wear with this are leggings. If you are confused about why this might be a problem, I feel that it’s important to remind all of you that leggings are not pants.

This is why I’m convinced that this top was specifically designed for holiday eating habits. I mean, think about it: you’re basically looking at a top that does one of two things: it either hides your food baby and allows you to gorge yourself on turkey, or it adds ten pounds to your upper body and forces you to go pantsless.

Which seems more likely?

Exactly. Food baby blouse it is.

Forever 21 Plaid Bubble Hem Tunic with Belt – $22.80

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