Friday Feets: Gloves 3

I love winter. Winter doesn’t love me (decreased sunlight does a number on my sleep cycle), but I love winter. I love the cold, the clouds, the rain (or, when I lived in New York, the snow). And of course, winter is a good excuse to buy new hats, gloves, and scarves.

After a remarkably cold and wet October, November has been unseasonably warm, much to my disappointment. But today is overcast and a storm is predicted for the weekend, so I’m just going to pretend that it’s officially winter.


To celebrate, today’s theme is …

I’m trying a slightly different format today, let me know what you think.

Left: Aerie Fair Isle Convertible Mittens – $15.50

Right: Merona Cashmere Flip Top Gloves – $19.99

Convertible gloves (or “glittens”) are amazing. Even when you’re wearing gloves, your fingertips are kind of useless. Maybe I’m just not as skilled as some, but texting becomes almost impossible for me when I’m wearing gloves. These solve that problem. Plus, when they’re in mitten form, they’re perfect for snowballs.

Left: Mossimo Studded Trim Leather Gloves – $22.99

Right: Anthropologie Alva Gloves – $38

I don’t normally go for embellishments on gloves, but I love both of these options. The studded trim on the leather gloves add a nice bit of rock to what are otherwise pretty standard black gloves. Hands down though, the details on the Anthropologie gloves are my favorite. They look pretty and dainty, like they’re some amazing thrift store find. If you told me you had made these yourself using your grandmother’s jewelry, I would believe you (up until I made my weekly pilgrimage to Anthropologie, at which point I would send you a picture of one and say someone must have looted your grandmother’s jewelry box).

Left: Kate Spade Right Left Mittens – $65

Right: J. Crew Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves – $98

As someone who still occasionally has to make two Ls with her thumb and index fingers in order to remember which way is left, I appreciate these mittens. I especially appreciate that the text is on the palm, so I can covertly sneak a peek when I’m confused.

As for the J. Crew gloves, everyone needs a pair of leather, cashmere lined gloves. They are wonderful and warm. They’re my grownup gloves – the gloves I wear when I ask myself, “Would my grandmother scold me for wearing glittens to this?” and the answer is “Yes.” J.Crew’s are really nice, come in several colors, and are just under $100. Maybe not a purchase you make for yourself, but it’s worth hinting at for a stocking stuffer.

Like I said, new format for today’s post. Do you like it, or was the other way fine? I know it’s a slight tweak, but I’m trying to decide if one looks a little neater and more user-friendly than the other. Either way, have a good weekend and thanks for reading!

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