1,500 Fan Giveaway! 5

The blog hit 1,500 fans on Facebook today, which totally made my day. As a thank you, it’s time for another giveaway!

Oh. That was way more rhyme-y than it should have been.

You’re welcome, Oprah Audience member.

So! The giveaway is for a pair of Brookstone-brand foot comforters and a Restoration Hardware nickel plated manicure set (yes, you get two things!).

From the foot comforter description:

Ultra-plush booties with all-natural duck down filling.

- Ultra-rich, double thick NapSoft Luxe material surrounds your feet in soothing softness

- Perfect for napping, lounging, or after work – anytime you want to feel extra cozy!

- Irresistibly plush, soothing and snuggly

- Inner lining is filled with all-natural duck down

- Textured non-slip sole

Really cute puppy not included.

The manicure set includes:

- A multi-tool (aka: knockoff Swiss Army Knife)

- Large clippers

- Tweezer

- Small Clipper

- Scissors

- Multi-knife

- Case

How to enter:

Stroke my ego!

Okay,  not quite, but … yeah, pretty much.

Show your support for the blog by tweeting or Facebooking your favorite post.

To tweet a post:

At the bottom of each post is a “tweet” button.

Click it.

You’ll automatically have a shortened link to the post you’ve chosen. Write whatever you want about it, but make sure to include the following:

1) the post name, or a reference to what’s in the post

2) the link to the post

3) tweet it to @ywmtwearwhat (so I can keep track of everything)

Make sure to follow the directions, especially to include an @ywmtwearwhat in the post so I can find it!

To enter on Facebook:

Post a link to your wall. Go to your page, post a new link, and in the “Say Something About This Link” box, make sure to tag the blog in the post. Tagging is really simple, you just type @You and “You Want Me To Wear What” should pop up as an option.

Remember, you’re posting this to your wall, not the blog’s.


To take a screencap, hit the “Printscreen” key. Then just hit paste in MS Paint or the Mac equivalent, crop and save. You can email me at youwantmetowearwhat at yahoo.com

Obviously, the Twitter option is easier, but I wanted to give people the chance to join if they weren’t on Twitter.

Everyone gets two entries: one on Facebook, one on Twitter.

I’m hoping more regular readers enter this time – for the Thanksgiveaway, most of the entrants found the blog through giveaway sites. So, enter! It’s really easy, and I swear I won’t hide the winner in a Ferret Week post this time. If you have any questions or are confused about how to enter, ask! I have nothing better to do than eagerly await any comments and questions. Sadly, that is not even remotely sarcastic.

Open to everyone.

Contest ends Monday, December 20th at 11:59 pm PST.

Thanks for entering, and good luck!

(.gif courtesy of Warming Glow)

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5 thoughts on “1,500 Fan Giveaway!

  1. Reply Ami Dec 16, 2010 10:18 pm

    I followed instructions for my facebook entry.. I tagged your facebook page on my status (and posted the link) but it doesn’t show up on your facebook page. How will you know that I entered?
    Thank you!

  2. Reply Amanda Dec 17, 2010 3:14 am

    Hm. I just tested it on mine, and you’re right, it’s not showing up. That’s weird, it used to. I wonder if Facebook’s changed things again …

    Okay, either way, here are two options:

    1) Go with the Twitter entry
    2) Email me a screen cap of your Facebook wall with the link posted (just hit the “printscreen” key on your keyboard, then paste it in MS Paint or the Mac equivalent). You can email me at: youwantmetowearwhat at yahoo.com

    Sorry for the trouble, thanks for entering!

  3. Reply Ami Dec 17, 2010 7:05 pm

    Thank you Amanda! I’ll try that!

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