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Let’s say you’re the lead singer in a punk band that’s been on the music scene for 23 years. We’ll call you “Millie Moe Marmstrong” for convenience purposes.

So, you’re at home one day in your giant house, listening to the Broadway cast recording of a musical based off a self-indulgent concept album you created a few years ago. As you look around your palatial manse, you think back to your early years, when you were young and scrappy. You wonder to yourself, “Have I gone too far? Have I lost sight of the true meaning of punk? Is it becoming embarrassing to watch a nearly 40-year old man sing generic songs while wearing the same outfit as Avril Lavigne?”

No, you assure yourself. There’s nothing wrong with the way you’ve been coasting off an image that hasn’t been truly counter-culture or original in 15 years.

And yet, you can’t shake that nagging question: Have I sold out?

Here’s a hint: if the character on your Hot Topic-exclusive t-shirt is giving the world his parent-friendly ring finger, then the answer is Yes, you’ve sold out.

Hot Topic Green Day Rat T-shirt – $15-19

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  1. Reply Amy Dec 28, 2010 4:32 pm

    You’re right ‘Millie Moe’ and Avril *do* share the same stylist! :O

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