Friday Feets: Etsy Gift Guide, Part One 2

People sometimes rail against gifts from mainstream stores, as if there’s something less original or special about buying presents from a store in a mall. I’m not in that camp. Many a time have I rushed to the mall on December 23rd with a list of friends I forgot to buy gifts for written on my hand.

But everyone knows someone who is impossible to shop for; someone whose gift can’t be found at Brookstone or Bloomingdales. And that’s cool thing about the internet: there’s so much out there, by so many different kinds of people, you can even find gifts for the friends who claim they don’t want anything this year.

I don’t spend much time on Etsy – there’s just too much stuff and not enough organization. Surfing that site, I get the same feeling as when I visit an H&M. There’s tons of stuff, and I’m sure I’d love some of it, but it’s just too damn hard to find, and I’m way too lazy, and man, Wetzel’s Pretzels sounds really good right now.

Right, the post. Etsy overwhelms me, but it’s got so much cool stuff that I occasionally try to sort through it. Today was one of those days, which is why this and next Friday’s posts are all about Etsy.

Yes, that’s right. Today’s theme is …

Or as I like to call it:

Left:Tizzy Dee Triceratops Hat – $45
Right:The Blue Orange Maui-Wowee-Saurus Clip On Dinosaur Tail – $22

I wish these came in adult sizes. Like, more than anything in the world. If a fairy appeared on my desk right now and offered to grant me one wish, I’d wish that these game in adult sizes. Then she’d probably stare at me, ask if I’m sure that’s really what I want, and then I’d grudgingly change my wish to world peace or something else that benefits others but doesn’t get me any closer to a triceratops hat.

So, if you’re trying to find a gift for a) a small child, b) a friend with a very small head, or c) a friend with a very small head who shares hats with her child, that triceratops hat is perfect. And if I need to explain why a clip on dinosaur tail is amazing, well … clearly, you’re new to this blog.

Left:La Plume Ethere Tan Pumps with Brown Almond Feathers – $55
Right:Silk Scarves Colorado Crimson Sunset Hand Painted Silk Scarf – 44

Lady-like things. Dainty things. I can’t vouch for the comfort of the shoes (I can’t vouch for the quality of almost any of this, I’m going solely off of pictures here with all these items), but they look pretty in the photos. I actually think this is a really cool, unobtrusive way to wear feathers.

The scarf just looks gorgeous. If I had a cool earth mother-y type friend or relative, I would get it for her in a second.

Left:Rockitbot Nerd Herder Wallet – $32
Right:Ragtrader Compass Cufflinks – $17.50

Dude stuff. Okay, not exclusively dude stuff, but more so than the guazey scarf and high heels I posted a second ago. This is a wallet that can carry your iPod, cell phone, whatever. It just has lots of places for lots of things, and I’m easily impressed.

I love these cufflinks. There’s not much more to it than that. They’re just very clever.

Left:Masaom Tektite Ring – $120
Right:Garage Gypsy Satin Gold and Spider Chain Necklace – $38

Cliff Notes Geology nerdery: Tektite is a rock formed from meteorite impacts. You can wear it on a ring. How is that not the coolest thing since clip-on dinosaur tails?

I’ve posted about Garage Gypsy jewelry before (I have a bracelet and ring by them that I love). I’m kind of obsessed with layering necklaces right now – yes, I’m late to the trend, I know – so I’m loving this tangled necklace. I especially like that it’s not too long, which is the big problem I’ve been having with most layered necklaces. I always feel like I’m swimming in long necklaces; this one is perfect because it rests on the collar bone.

Left:The Bold Banana Caffeine Molecule T-Shirt – $12
Right:The Bold Banana Narwhal T-Shirt – $14

I love nerdy science t-shirts. This is a nerdy science t-shirt. It comes in sizes for both men and women. If you have someone in your life who loves science and/or nerdy science t-shirts, this should already be in your shopping cart.

As for the narwhal tee – how often do you see t-shirts with narwhals on them? Not often enough. Support the unicorn of the sea and buy someone this shirt. I’ll be doing my part by heading to the Arctic Circle with several dozen boxes of Krispy Kremes in hand. Feast on, noble narwhals. Feast on.

Happy Hanukkah to those of you who celebrate it (and even those who don’t – yeah, that’s right, I’m wishing you have a good holiday that you don’t even celebrate because I’m a rebel like that).

If you haven’t found the gift you’re looking for in this week’s Friday Feets, may I suggest entering my Thanksgiveaway for a Sony Bloggie? The contest ends at 11:59pm on Sunday!

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    I’m going to assume you don’t have a small head? Because then the ONLY question worth asking, obviously, would be : WHY DON’T YOU ALREADY OWN THE TRICERATOPS HAT?!?!?!

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