Hanging Low 1

I really love the pattern on this top. My problem is with how it combines with the cut of the top.

How do I put this delicately?Oh, screw being delicate. The cut of this top makes it look like the model has the chest of a 90 year old woman who hasn’t worn a bra since she birthed her first child.

The combination of the cut and the pattern create an optical illusion (at least, I hope it’s an illusion) that the model’s breasts are resting on the waistband of the top. It’s like the old woman from There’s Something About Mary is playing her body double.

The funny thing is, if this top were solid, it would just look like a loose-fitting top. It’s specifically the combination of the cut and pattern that’s to blame -  the cluster of black right where the fabric poufs out is what creates the illusion of a stray mammary.

In all fairness, odds are it’s an optical illusion specific to this shot. But it still makes me laugh, because I’m mature like that.

Forever 21 Abstract Knit Tunic – $27.80

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  1. Reply mode Dec 5, 2010 2:12 pm

    boob sag= no good. fake boob sag= why?!

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