Flashback, part 2 2

Having just returned from a really packed trip to NY, I’m kind of exhausted and totally focused on how nice it feels to finally wash my hair. I’m going to sack out for the next 12 hours, but in the meantime, check out some old posts.

A Sign of Things To Come

I predicted the Aclogalypse long before the Aflockalypse, but shortly after the Snowpocalypse. I think the Aclogalypse is probably the worst of the three, though.

The One With the Flow Chart

I’m so ridiculously proud of this flow chart.

Brooklyn’s Mean Streets

I don’t know what’s scarier: that I semi-accurately predicted a plot from the season finale of Gossip Girl, or that my insane prediction was actually a plot from the season finale of Gossip Girl.

Aman With a Plan

Inspired by a troll, my six point plan to save the world.

Ferret Week

A week of Ferret clothing. Need I say more?

Gap’s New Logo

Remember when Gap changed their logo for like, five seconds purely because they believe that no press is bad press? Yeah, that.

American Idiots

A pretty recent post, but I’m so ridiculously proud of it.

Sesame Shore

Everyone else is going to dress as Slutty Elmo or Snookie. Break the mold and go as both.

A Vignette

Finally putting my BFA in Screenwriting to good use.

For Real and For True?

It’s a Woodland Critter Christmas and everyone’s invited!

Hot Topic Has a Fever

The moment I realized that I was afraid to go into Hot Topic for all the wrong reasons.

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