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I got back on Wednesday from a trip to New York where the high was 32 and the lows were in the 20s. While I was gone, LA had a heat wave and my Facebook feed was full of pictures of the beach and posts about the unseasonable weather. The trip was family-related, so it didn’t call for cute outfits or anything other than jeans and long-sleeved tops. But if the trip had been a social one, I definitely would have packed my suitcase full of tights, because nothing makes me happier than brightly colored tights and boots. Can you guess where  today’s theme is going?

Left: Forever 21 Fab Nylon Leggings – $4.50
Center: Hue Control Top Super Opaque Tights – $12.50
Right: ModCloth Tights for Every Occasion in Art Opening- $14.99

Until a few years ago, I stayed as far away from tights as I could, my mind indelibly scarred by the nude and sheer black pantyhose I wore for formal occasions as a child. But brightly colored tights are amazing. They make your legs look so happy. Hue’s tights have been my gateway drug to the world of legwear – they’re easy to find at Bloomingdales, and that wall of color is so very appealing. I haven’t tried ModCloth’s tights, but their colors are amazing and rich. I love this purple pair and might have to buy them. I don’t own purple tights … yet.

Recently I made the slight shift over to opaque leggings in lieu of proper tights. The waistband is way more comfortable and doesn’t give me that little bulge of fat over the top of the band (no matter how thin I am). The leggings bunch a little around the knees, but for day to day I’m definitely a fan. I’m really loving these Forever 21 leggings that have similar feel to tights but with less chance of getting a run or a tear.

Left: Charlotte Russe Crocheted Floral Lace Tights – $7.50
Center: TopShop Rose Lace Tights – $24
Right: Wolford Spider Tights – $58

I’m not actually a big fan of lace tights – whenever I’ve seen them from a distance, they always look kind of give the appearance of leg fungus. Even still, there’s something so wonderfully dainty about lace tights that I had to include them in this post. They’re very Blair Waldorf and definitely the sort of thing I’d manage to destroy within one wear. I don’t know if I could bring myself to pay $58 for a pair, but those Wolford ones are so wonderfully delicate, I had to include them.

Left: Forever 21 Ribbed Knit Tights – $6.80
Center: ModCloth Take the Blue Line Tights – $21.99
Right: Spanx Tight End Ribbed Tights – $28

Pinstripes and ribbing are tricky, especially if you’re kind of OC like I am (somewhere across town, reading this at his office, my boyfriend starts laughing and thinks to himself, “kind of?”). Having a bunch of lines running up and down your legs – for most women, a decidedly curvy part of their body – is a recipe for neurotic straightening and constant readjusting. I love the look though, and have been trying to psych myself up for the prospect. Any of these three would be a good option, although I love the quirkiness of the ModCloth tights in particular.

Left: Celeste Stein Leopard Print Tights – $10
Center: Hue Argyle Sweater Tights – $11.90
Right: Anthropologie Basketweave Tights – $18

These are the wild cards … the tights I probably wouldn’t ever wear, but that I kind of want to wear anyway. Leopard print tights might be the one way I would be willing to wear leopard print. I love argyle socks, so argyle tights seem like the logical next step. I’m guessing the warping issues from the argyle would be similar to the ones you get with ribbed tights, but I’m willing to look past that it to indulge my preppy side. As for the Anthropologie tights, I might be a little more on board with them if they weren’t a neutral, but on the whole, I’m kind of digging them.

Okay, having spent the last couple hours staring at tights, I’m going to go outside and enjoy some time in the 80-degree weather. As much as I miss New York, I’m definitely not missing the seven inches of snow that showed up a day after I left.

No matter what your weather, hope you guys have a great weekend. Thanks for reading!

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9 thoughts on “Friday Feets: Tights

  1. Reply Danielle Jan 22, 2011 10:56 am

    I’ve been obsessed with tights this season – especially the lace patterned ones. Great pics btw :)


  2. Reply Amanda Jan 24, 2011 1:49 am

    Thanks! I’ve had to put a moratorium on tights purchases for the time being, lest my obsession get out of hand. Especially since I started buying Target ones, which are cheap and have a fairly comfortable waistband.

  3. Reply Sarah Jan 24, 2011 5:47 pm

    Also, We Love Colors.

    That is all.

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