The Hardest Working Model’s Secret 2

There has been a serious void in the ModCloth universe of late. Over the past few months, appearances of the Hardest Working Model At ModCloth have been scarce. Once upon a time, you would have been hard-pressed to find anyone else on ModCloth wearing a tiny hat or giant bow. But lately, it seems that her serene smile and effortless confidence have been replaced by ModLols.

Honestly, I was concerned. What fate had befallen our harness-clad heroine? Where had our headdress-wearing savior gone?

My fears were assuaged yesterday, when I came across this clue in ModCloth’s new arrivals section.

It seems that the Hardest Working Model At ModCloth may have been more than just a model. Her ability to wear the unwearable has always struck me as being superhuman. Could it be that, much like Wonder Woman herself, the Hardest Working Model At ModCloth was imbued with her powers by the Gods themselves?

While I can’t confirm this theory, it would explain why she’s wearing a toga. I can’t imagine why else ModCloth would be selling this dress – there can’t be that high of a demand for togas, given that toga parties have fallen out of favor with the rise of Pimps N’ Hos parties. And this toga costs $160, which seems a little high for something that you can make out of bedsheets.

The only explanation is that ModCloth is trying to hint at something. Obviously, they can’t just come out and say that the Hardest Working Model At ModCloth has returned to her ancient homeland of Modelympia. To reveal the existence of such a place could be disastrous for its peaceful inhabitants. Once word got out, Modelympia would be overrun by fortune seekers and models hoping to uncover the secrets of that magical realm.

To assuage our fears, the Hardest Working Model at ModCloth left behind a hint at where she was going. I choose not to think of it as a clue, but as a promise. The promise that she will return from Modelympia, more powerful than before, and again shoulder the burden of selling the unsellable.

Godspeed, Hardest Working Model At ModCloth. Godspeed.

ModCloth Greek Chic Dress – $159.99

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