Walk, Walk, Passion Baby 4

Forget about Edward/Bella. Who cares about Brangelina? Romeo and Juliet are old news.I officially ship Porcupine/Balloon. I’m going to get Team Porculoon t-shirts made up to wear whenever I’m not wearing this t-shirt. Yes, I’m rooting for these star-crossed lovers like I’ve never rooted for a celebrity couple before.

I know it may seem strange for a porcupine to fall in love with a balloon, but the heart works in mysterious ways. I don’t care how they met or why they fell in love. All that matters is they found each other.

Sure, the odds are against them. Society is still too closed-minded to accept a Porcupine/Balloon relationship. Doubters may say he’s too prickly. Disbelievers may claim she’s too flighty. They may never be able to do things most couples can do – they can’t cuddle, they probably can’t communicate, and they definitely can’t open cans or do anything that requires hands or opposable thumbs. It’s a tough road for these crazy kids, fraught with the judgment of others and the risk of accidental popping.

But even with all those obstacles, even with the deck stacked against them, we Porculoon shippers know the truth: Porculoon is a love story for the ages.

I will say, though, I’m not rooting for children. The last thing we  need is a bunch of spikey balloons floating through the air like jellyfish in an ocean current.

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4 thoughts on “Walk, Walk, Passion Baby

  1. Reply Anonymous Jan 4, 2011 10:08 pm

    I actually would wear this, though.

  2. Reply Amanda Jan 4, 2011 11:11 pm

    So would I. I love the absurdity of it.

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