Friday Feets: Handmade Jewelry 16

Until recently, I’ve never been big on wearing jewelry – I appreciated it (as is evidenced by the Tiffany catalog sitting on my desk) but only wore a few very basic pieces. Now I have a very full jewelry stand sitting near my bed and the beast has awoken. I can’t go to a Forever 21 without bringing home a new necklace or ring. Seriously, it’s a dangerous addiction.

Of course, the hardest part of this new found passion is that it’s also triggered one of my most dangerous impulses: the desire to be crafty.

I am not artsy. I am not craftsy. I am not patient, my fingers are not nimble, and quite frankly, I don’t have an eye for visual design. I’m a science nerd and a writer. I am not an artist. I can’t even design my own business cards. And yet, even as I sit here writing this, I’m still seriously considering a stop to the bead store to pick up supplies and start out on what I am sure will be a wildly successful foray into jewelry design.

While I try to fight off this new hobby, here are some people with an actual talent for jewelry design. That’s right, today’s theme is …

Left: Kate Szabone Petite Diamond Ring – $185
Center: Kate Szabone Shades of Pink Branch Bangles – $295
Right: Kate Szabone Organic Oval Cut Pink Sapphire – $695

Kate Szabone was the first jewelry designer I ever found on Etsy, and I’ve been coveting her gorgeous jewelry ever since. It’s all out of my price range, but I love the raw hewn look of her cut stones and hammered metals. I’m especially loving that oval cut sapphire – it’s a little larger than a stone I’d normally wear, but not too big to look like a gaudy cocktail ring (I hate cocktail rings).

Left: Shlomit Ofir Rays of Light Post Earrings in Matte Gold – $24
Center: Shlomit Ofir Spring Leaves Quartet Necklace in Matte Gold – $45
Right: Shlomit Ofir Floral Filigree Bracelet in Gold – $50

All the jewelry in Shlomit Ofir’s line is amazingly delicate. These are just three examples, but there were many more I could have gone with. I don’t normally like gold jewelry, but I really like the gold with these shapes. Honestly, I can’t say much more than that – everything in the line is just really, really pretty and definitely worth checking out. I especially want to buy that leaf necklace and wear it with pretty spring dresses that I don’t actually own – but I do have an imaginary closet full of them.

Left: Simply ChaCha My Pirate Pal Gold Plated Necklace – $13
Right: Simply ChaCha Marine Green Brass Octopus – $17

Yarrr. Yaaaaaaarrrrrr.

Do I really need to elaborate?

Left: Julie Nolan Sterling Silver Twig Ring – $40
Center: Julie Nolan Vintage Whistle Necklace – $45
Right: Julie Nolan Brass Constellation Bracelet – $50

I love organic designs, so this twig ring is right up my alley. It would probably work well as a stacking ring which is my preferred method of ring-wearing. I’m also really liking the idea behind this bracelet. It’s a zodiac bracelet, but instead of using the standard symbol, the designer has drilled the constellation into the pendant. I wouldn’t normally wear my sign, but I’m a big enough nerd that wearing a constellation on my wrist appeals to me. Actually, what I’d love is a bracelet with a classic constellation on it, like Sirus or Orion (two of my favorite constellations … yes, I have favorite constellations, don’t judge me).

As for the whistle, I can see myself enjoying many hours taunting my boyfriend and resident small creatures by making up songs that incorporate my necklace whistle.

Left: One Garnet Girl Chrome Diopside and White Topaz Ring – $158
Center: One Garnet Girl Pink Topaz Rock Fetish Ring in Sterling – $168
Right: One Garnet Girl 14k Yellow Gold Hyacinth Gemstone Stacking Rings – $1,248

Oh man, these are some pretty, shiny, happy rings. The diopside and topaz ring reminds me of this Tiffany & Co ring (but, y’know, doesn’t require selling organs). All the stones look like they’re bright and sparkly enough to warrant staring at them under the light for hours on end.  The stacking rings are definitely out of my price range, but the size and shape of the individual stones are perfectly sized to overlap.

Left: Lulu Splendor Hair Comb – $69
Center: Lulu Splendor Valetta Twist Triple Strand Swarovski Cream Pearl and Rhinestone Necklace – $98
Right: Lulu Splendor Swarovski Jewelled Art Deco Headband – $135

I know these are bridal designs, but these are some really pretty, very romantic pieces. My hair is too thick and straight to wear hair accessories, so the comb is out of the question for me. The necklace and headband, however, will be perfect for the next time I declare it “National Pretend to Be Audrey Hepburn Day.”

Yeah, that’s right. National. It hasn’t caught on yet, but I’m working on it.

Left: Tasi Designs Matte Finish Gold Vermeil Circles – $68
Center: Allison Mooney Sliced Ammonite Fossil and Gold Fill Necklace – $75
Right: Ida Estelle Classic Grey Leather and Silver Beaded Wrap Bracelet – $78

And finally, some odds and ends – stuff that was just different enough to warrant posting. The ring necklace is cool – it’s a more interesting version of Veronica Mars’s choker. As for the ammonite necklace – dude, you get to wear a fossil around your neck. The fact that I don’t already own this is kind of mind-boggling. The wrap bracelet is pricey, but apparently that is partly due to the fact that this one is a five-wrap instead of a two-wrap. I’ve been on the hunt for a wrap bracelet for a while, and if I had a more generous budget, this would definitely be on my “to buy” list … then again, so would a lot of the pieces in this post.

Okay, I know this post kind of petered out by the end, but I have seriously been putting this thing together for the last ten hours or something insane. That’s just the kind of dedication I have when it comes to providing both content and shiny things. If this didn’t quench your thirst for Etsyness, check out my Etsy gift guides and Garage Gypsy post.

Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend! Check back next week for a very special week of posts … make of that what you will. If you’re at all familiar with the blog – and Ferret Week – then you know to proceed with caution.

Consider yourselves warned.

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16 thoughts on “Friday Feets: Handmade Jewelry

  1. Reply machiavelli33 Feb 5, 2011 5:39 am

    Ohhhhh god.
    I shouldn’t have looked at this.
    I want it all.


  2. Reply Nicole Feb 5, 2011 11:10 am

    I’m hoping there will be another Ferret Week–or even Ferret Day.

    • Reply Amanda Feb 5, 2011 10:27 pm

      There might be another Ferret Day or week coming up, but that’s not next week. It’s something much, much worse.

  3. Reply Allison Mooney Feb 5, 2011 9:04 pm

    I love the collection you’ve put together! Thank you for including my necklace!

    I am especially coveting the gemstone stacking rings!!

  4. Reply Amy Feb 7, 2011 4:42 am

    You’re making a Meerkat week, aren’t you -.-

    And oh dear oh dear, all that jewellery is far too lovely.
    I know exactly what you mean with getting the urge to be crafty, I’m in no way artistic and yet more than once I’ve had to stop myself from attempting to embark on my craft-career. It’s a problem.

  5. Reply Jessie Feb 9, 2011 6:13 pm

    Those Julie Nolan pieces are very cool – and so cheap!

    • Reply Amanda Feb 10, 2011 8:41 pm

      Yeah, I love those pieces, especially that ring. I definitely need to stop surfing Etsy … it’s all so pretty.

  6. Reply James Holly Mar 30, 2015 4:02 am

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