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I went out of town this weekend and the hotel didn’t have internet access (no one at the front desk understood the concept of “please reset the router”). I was halfway through this post when I left town, but I couldn’t actually finish it until now. So here’s the Friday Feets a few days too late.

There’s been a lot of press recently about Jessica Simpson’s wildly successful foray into fashion. Given that the press always has to have an ongoing narrative for celebrities (Jennifer Aniston is sad and alone, Katie Holmes is being held hostage  by Scientology), it’s not surprising that the press’s attitude regarding Jessica’s success is akin to “Awwww, the dog thinks it can play piano … holy shit, he’s playing ‘Flight of the Bumblebee.’” Because, y’know, Jessica’s a dumb blonde. Still. After all these years.

If anything, she’s a very good example of why you don’t agree to say stupid scripted lines in your ill-conceived reality show.

But I digress.

The point is, my imaginary friend Jessica (in my head, she and I go to Cracker Barrel once ever month to eat biscuits and talk about boys) – you know what, let me just start that sentence over again, because I’m totally sidetracked with the whole “Cracker Barrel” thing. That place is magical, and if there were any in Southern California, I would probably weigh 800 pounds.

I’m having a really tough time staying on-topic today. Okay, focusing. Jessica Simpson’s line is really successful, and although I’ve covered it in the past, I felt that the recent spate of press (and the new season) warrants revisiting Jessica Simpson’s line. So, without further ado, I present today’s theme …

Left: Jessica Simpson Acadia Heels – $79.95
Center: Jessica Simpson Massi Heels – $89
Right: Jessica Simpson Ely Heels – $98.95

Bright, glossy heels with platforms? Yes, please. The Acadia heels come in a number of neutral shades, but the real standout is this bright pink (dare I say … honeysuckle?). It’s a springy color and suited for either a sundress or a pair of jeans. The Massi heels aren’t my favorite because of the spiked heel, but the lemony color and reptile texture have won me over. I wouldn’t wear them, but if I saw them on someone else, I’d immediately ask where they bought them (something I do all the time, with mixed results – sometimes people are flattered, sometimes they look like they regret not carrying pepper spray). I mentioned the Ely heel in my weather-baiting Friday Feets from a few weeks ago, but these are a rich eggplant color and therefore totally different and worth purchasing.

Left: Jessica Simpson Esis Flat – $27.49
Center: Jessica Simpson Matini Flat – $59
Right: Jessica Simpson Brook Platform Heels – $89

These are the “respectable” shoes – the ones you can wear to work. When I started Friday Feets, I tried to always include a few pairs of flats for the heel-adverse out there. Lately, I’ve been slacking off; I’d like to think that these gorgeous pointy-toed flats and the simple but elegant silver ballet slippers make up for my negligence. The Brook platforms have that perfect mix of youth and seriousness that makes for a good work shoe. And, again, that snakeskin gives the shoe a nice texture and makes it feel less heavy than just a plain brown platform.

Left: Jessica Simpson Genno Flat – $37.95
Center: Jessica Simpson Danniy Wedge – $79.95
Right: Jessica Simpson Christa Platform Sandal – $89

It wouldn’t be a Friday Feets post if I didn’t throw in a few metal accents, would it? I like the metallics with these two neutral flats – it’s a little more earthy and modern than the usual black/silver pairing, which always feels kind of 80s rock to me (which, of course, is why I love it). I’m still not sold on the gladiator sandal, but the little wedge does give a nice little lift that makes up for the otherwise chunky proportions of the gladiator. I threw the black heels in because, while they’re not my style, black platform sandals like these do have a purpose. Actually, I might actually go for these if I had a pair of dark jeans and a really great pedicure.

Left: Jessica Simpson Garden Party Linear Earrings – $35
Center: Jessica Simpson Unbalanced Nature Reef Bracelet – $40
Right: Jessica Simpson Unbalanced Nature Pendant Necklace – $45

I didn’t realize she had a jewelry line, but I had to feature these pieces. After my recent spate of jewelry posts, it shouldn’t comes as a surprise that these are the three I picked – organic shapes and a little chunky. I’m nothing if not predictable. I really love coral and gold together, though, and the necklace and earrings are no exception. As for the bracelet, I’m kind of shocked I don’t already own it.

Left: Jessica Simpson Premier Dome Satchel – $59.95
Center: Jessica Simpson Cypress East West Satchel – $89.99
Right: Jessica Simpson Sasha Double Handle Bag – $108

And finally, handbags. I love bright handbags – for starters, I find that bright colors tend to look less “cheap” when they’re pleather than black or brown bags. They also seem to wear better (especially yellow – chips never seem to show). All three of these bags come in great shapes and colors. Granted, the real test is how they look and feel in person, but when you’re window-shopping online, these three definitely stand out.

Well, that was a very delayed Friday Feets. I actually cut it short – I was originally going to feature some Jessica Simpson dresses as well, but honestly, it would have just taken too much damn time. Maybe I’ll post more this week – either way, definitely check out her line.

And Jess, if you’re reading this, call me. We can take a road trip to the nearest Cracker Barrel and talk about this whole “vegan fiancé” thing.
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6 thoughts on “Friday Feets: Jessica Simpson (part 2)

  1. Reply Kyra Feb 21, 2011 11:57 pm

    Goddamn, that woman is so talented!

  2. Reply Jen @ Feb 22, 2011 7:55 am

    Last year I was at Nordstrom, browsing the coats. THREE TIMES I spotted a cute coat, went over to see who made it, and it was Jessica Simpson.

    Second JS story – I have an adorable brown halter dress that I wear in the summer and it gets nothing but compliments. I once wore it while in the Dior boutique in Vegas, and the girl there was gushing over it. Ergo, Jessica > Dior? I’m not ready to go that far, but she/her designers is/are definitely bringing it to the fashion table.

    • Reply Amanda Feb 24, 2011 7:26 pm

      You definitely have to give the girl credit for awesome designs. It’s kind of nice to think that she’d have been successful even without a music and TV career.

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