Friday Feets: Palette Cleansers 6

After a week of Public Service Announcements, it’s time to turn the page and move on to something slightly less tacky. Fashion Week has started and Pantone – the mysterious, all-powerful cabal – has just released their Fall 2011 colors.

Pretty, right? The colors make me think of a Palm Spring resort in the 60s. I have no idea if that’s accurate, but the sunbleached neutrals and warm  honeysuckle and amberglow have a soft vintage feel to them. In honor of the faceless panel that dictates what colors we will be wearing for a season and then discarding, this week’s Friday Feets is …

I tried to get as close as I could to the colors, but it’s tricky – not a ton of honeysuckle shoes out there.

Left: Mossimo Ruffle Ballet Flats – $4.54
Center: Merona Meaghan Ruffled Flat Shoes – $19.99
Right: Merona Marlis Suede Sliver Wedge Shoes – $24.99

There were tons of ballet flats in these colors – I had a hard time finding shoes that weren’t flats. Target’s on top of all the colors already. Maybe there’s a connection? Could they be associated with the puppetmasters pulling all our strings?

Left: Mossimo Black Peri Platform Pumps – $16.48
Center: ModCloth Cute Couple Heel – $133.99
Right: Steve Madden Prosprus Heels – $149.95

The Mossimo shoes are a nice alternative to the Steve Madden heels, but I can’t speak to the quality. Given that they’re $17, I’m guessing the suede won’t look quite as finished as the Maddens will. Looking at the pictures, the Mossimo heels definitely look a little more felt-y, but that could just be a bad photo. The ModCloth heels are a few shades off of both Phlox and Deep Teal, but the colors work anyway.

Left: Steve Madden Russhh Heels – $89.95
Center: Talbots Leather Ballet Flats – $109
Right: Kate Spade Elaina Flats – $225

I don’t know why two of the three shoes I found in honeysuckle were flats, but it kind of makes sense – it’s such a ladylike, girly color, it really works as flat. The pink doesn’t have the same impact in a heel – or maybe that’s just me and my love of brights getting in the way of my better judgment.

Left: Asos Lucky Grosgrain Point Ballet Pumps – $44.83
Center: Steve Madden Alpiine Boots – $159.99
Right: Dolce Vita Jollen Espadrille Platforms – $170.34

Of the colors for fall, Amberglow might be my favorite. I really like those Alpiine boots – when it’s winter, I wear black boots constantly, but these would transition nicely into spring. The flats again are a shade off – the purple’s kind of what would happen if you  mixed together honeysuckle and phlox – but I do like the coral accent and bow. I wore a pair of espadrilles to a baby shower this weekend (had to actually look like an adult for a change), and while walking in them is a little easier, I still have a hard time dealing with platforms, so I’m not wild about these espadrilles … but they are definitely summery and perfectly suited for someone a little more coordinated than I.

Left: Jones New York Edenne Wedge Sandal – $59.95
Center: Steve Madden Haylow Sandal – $79.95
Right: Pour La Victoire Morgan Flats – $116.99

It’s really hard to find shoes that match the cedar color. Really, really hard. I love cedar as a color for walls – if I ever have more than one room, that’s definitely the color I’m painting my office. I’m not crazy about it on shoes, but the metallic sheen on these Jones New York platforms definitely helps to make it work. The Haylow sandals aren’t really any of the colors, but I threw it in there because seriously, you guys, I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time finding honeysuckle shoes, but it feels impossible.

Left: Pour La Victoire Rebecka Mary Janes – $129
Center: Sam Edelman Jewel Peep Toe Bow Strap Heels – $251.02
Right: Christian Louboutin Luly 140 Pumps – $668

The neutrals, all in my beloved Mary Jane style. I don’t know why I love Mary Janes and plaid skirts so much … maybe because I never had to wear a uniform to school?

Left: Boutique 9 Dolled Suede Platform Pumps – $112
Right: Pour La Victoire Bianca Pump – $153.97

Not really part of the color palette, but I loved these shoes too much not to post – especially the Pour La Victoire ones. If they came in my size, I’d already have my credit card out so I could pair it with brightly colored tights – alas, I found them too late and will never get to feel them lovingly pinch my big toes until I can’t walk.

Thanks for reading, and have a good weekend! Next week all is back to normal … and if you’re bored over the weekend, check out my new impulse project, InspirationOlmos. If nothing else, it’s a great example of why the internet is so dangerous: I thought of it, which means I can do it, which means that it now exists. We’ll see how long it lasts before I lose interest in my relentless pursuit of pictures of Edward James Olmos.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Feets: Palette Cleansers

  1. Reply Tarren Feb 12, 2011 10:57 am

    ooooh! the mossimo pumps are so cheap at target! love! thanks for posting.

    • Reply Amanda Feb 12, 2011 8:07 pm

      No problem! Glad you liked them … I’m definitely thinking about buying a pair. They came in a ton of colors, too.

  2. Reply Kyra Feb 12, 2011 10:34 pm

    Oh my goodness, I am completely adoring the Madden heels and the Boutique 9 heels! Too gorgeous. Emberglow, Cedar, and Deep Teal were for sure my favourite colours on the chart.

    • Reply Amanda Feb 14, 2011 4:36 am

      I love the shape of those Boutique 9 heels so much. As for the colors, I love everything to the right of deep teal (and cedar) as home decor colors. I’d wear everything from deep teal to the left.

      Weirdly enough, the only color I’m not sold on is honeysuckle, which is their predicted “main” color for the year. Oh well, guess that’s why I’m writing a blog and not giving the “Cerulean” speech from Devil Wears Prada.

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