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I have some real world stuff to finish ... good things, but things that are requiring a ton of attention at the moment. In the meantime, watch this video of a Kobe Bryant superfan.

Eggcellent 4

I did this same exact thing with my dinner the other night. At the time, I thought it was pretty freaking awesome. I showed it off proudly to my boyfriend and the waiter, but I didn't think my handiwork was so awesome that it deserved to be immortalized on a sweatshirt. Then again, maybe that ...

Flag Day

Flag Day
I was a very literal kid - strange, given that I was also a very creative child. When we had to make a dance at camp to the song "Hard Day's Night," I lobbied for us to pantomime actual work by pretending to wield pick axes. I still am unsure as to why my go-to ...


It's rare that you'll find a top which can serve two very different purposes. This top is an excellent example of such a garment. Want to conceal an inopportune pregnancy? Done. People will just think you're wearing an unflattering, awkwardly cut top. Want to look like you're four months along even if your uterus is ...

Friday Feets: Etsy for Japan, p. 2 10

Friday Feets: Etsy for Japan, p. 2
Like I said yesterday, there are a ton of artists on Etsy who are donating at least a portion of the proceeds from their sales to the relief efforts in Japan. You can find both the first post (Etsy Jewelry) here. So here's part two: clothes, homewares, food, and art. Left: Laurelin Sailor Star Wanderer ...

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