Event Horizons 2

There are hot dresses. There are sexy dresses. There are even slutty dresses. But no dress is as hot, sexy, and slutty as this dress.

This dress is perfect. Not only is it slinky and revealing, but that little twisty detail is what really makes this dress reign supreme. This dress goes beyond the usual low cut/high hemline combo to create something much more potent. It’s as if the wearer’s crotch is so all-consuming that it’s actually a black hole. Nothing – not light, not even fabric – can escape it.

That is the power of the wearer’s crotch: anything that finds itself near the gravitational pull will find itself plummeting toward the event horizon. First goes the dress, then knick-knacks, small animals, people, cities, and before long, our world shall be drawn into the black hole, never to return again.

Yes, this dress sends a strong message. The only question is … can you handle the power?

Asos Rare Opulence Metallic Chiffon Knot Front Dress – $213.37

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2 thoughts on “Event Horizons

  1. Reply Netty Jan 13, 2015 3:07 am

    Pls could u tell us the size u r wearing in each post so we ur redaers can have a rough estate of what size we need since some of us live outside the US. Thanks in advance

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