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This blog’s entire existence is the direct result of three things: a love of clothes, an almost pathological need to share my thoughts with others, and a body that is very, very difficult to dress.

Two of those three reasons – my love of clothes and my impossible-to-dress body – are what inspired my new “When I get rich” dream: that one day, when I’m super rich, I’ll be able to buy clothes that I can’t wear. I’ll have a special closet dedicated to these clothes, full of mannequins and display racks. Even if I can’t wear the clothes, I’ll be able to enjoy them. It’ll be just like collecting art, except the flouncy Forever 21 skirt’s probably not going to appreciate.

With that in mind, today’s Friday Feets is devoted to clothes I’ve found over the last week that I really want to buy but either can’t afford, can’t justify, or can’t wear.

There’s absolutely no cohesive look to any of these, which is bothering me to no end, but oh well.

Left: Forever 21 Buckled Cross-Body Bag – $19.80
Center: Old Navy Lightweight Roll-Up Shirts – $29.50
Right: J.Crew Navy Schoolboy Blazer – $188

I’m really liking this cross-body bag (which wasn’t available when I made last week’s post on the style). This might be coming home with me next time I visit a Forever 21 – which, given my frequent trips to the mall, could be as soon as this afternoon. Wearing it with this Old Navy shirt would create what the magazines always call a “military-inspired look.” Button-down shirts are a tough fit on me, but I love them and am eternally hopeful that one will fit right.

As for the J.Crew blazer, I’ve been obsessed with it for ages, and J.Crew keeps playing an evil trick on me: every time I go in, there’s always one blazer – always in my size – in the sale section. I try it on, and am shocked by how perfectly it fits. I skip happily toward the register with my new best friend. Once I get to the register, the cashier rings me up, and I am always shocked to find that the jacket is full-priced. With my head hung low, I forlornly tell the cashier that no, I won’t be buying this perfect little blazer, but please make sure it goes to a good home.

Left: Forever 21 Blossom Print Skirt – $19.80
Center: Madewell Floral Croquet Dress – $168
Right: Talbots Amour Floral Dress – $169

Things I do not wear: florals. Really, prints in general, so it’s not like I’m anti-floral, but I really don’t have a need for them. They’re a little too girly for my taste – plus, I’m always self-conscious that prints make me look “bigger.” If you look in my closet, you will find many plaid skirts, several black dresses, four pairs of Converse – but not a single floral print.

Still, with spring around the corner, I can’t help but be drawn to the feminine wiles of the floral print. The Forever 21 skirt is bright and cheery, but much too full for my body type. Madewell clothes almost universally don’t fit me right, but that doesn’t stop me from running through the store with an armful of floaty dresses and drapey tops, telling the pretty girl in the skinny jeans and layered necklaces that yes, I would love for her to start me a fitting room. Then I feel terrible, because I’m pretty sure nothing’s going to fit and this nice woman has no idea that she’s going to be stuck having to restock all the float dresses and drapey tops.

As for the Talbots dress – I don’t often use the term “romantic’ to describe a dress, but that dress is so gorgeously romantic. It’s like the French countryside in dress form

Left: TopShop Salmon Tiered Tee – $36
Center: TopShop Mustard Scallop Crop Shirt (Petite) – $50
Right: TopShop Mint Pussybow Blouse – $75

Three tops that would not work on me, but they sure are pretty. With all these tops, the colors are what really sells me on them – the colors are so springy and young. The salmon top would be great on someone a little less busty than I am – someone who wears skinny jeans and ballet flats, rather than flares and Converse. The same goes for the scallop-edged top – it’s cropped, and I have a short torso, so it’s not going on my adorably stocky frame any time soon. And for all the times I’ve made fun of Lucky Magazine for relentlessly pushing tie-neck blouses, I have to say … I would totally wear this top tucked into some wide-legged slacks or a full skirt.

Left: Forever 21 Polka Dot Dress – $27.80
Center: TopShop Grey Spot Floaty Skirt – $70
Right: Anthropologie Take Action Dress – $168

Like I said before, I don’t wear patterns. I would love to wear polka dots – they’re so damn whimsical (yes, whimsical. I said it). Of course, while I might be quirky or touched in the head, I’m not exactly whimsical. Whimsical requires a degree of lightness, a bicycle with a woven basket and giant doe eyes.

To clarify: the bicycle and doe eyes are two separate things. Because a bicycle with giant doe eyes wouldn’t be whimsical, it would be horrifying.

The point is, lots of whimsical polka dots and floaty fabrics. Things I can’t wear but would love to – I keep wanting to pick one in particular, but I can’t. All three are so perfect for what they are and the purpose they serve. Which is to say: whimsy.

Left: Asos Scallop Detail Shift Dress – $62.76
Center: TopShop Leather A-Line Skirt – $125
Right: TopShop Tangy Peach Double Storm Flap Trench Coat – $180

I love scalloped edges on clothes, and this shift dress is perfect. Granted, I try to stay away from shifts dresses and neutrals, so this dress would go in my Great Hall of Unworn Clothes. But it sure is pretty, and every time I see it I keep thinking to myself, “If only …”

I love this leather skirt – brown is so much softer than a traditional black, and definitely more versatile. You could wear this skirt every day with a different top and manage to look fresh.

Left: Asos Over the Knee Rib Socks – $7.17
Center: Asos Bow and Dot Ankle Sock – $7.17
Right: TopShop Ribbon Pelerine Knee Socks – $14

Of late, I have become slightly obsessed with socks – especially over the knee socks I can wear with boots. I love these green socks, mostly because they’re so decidedly … green. I’d even go so far as to say they’re unrelentingly green. That’s a dedication to garishness that I can really get behind. The exact opposite of these green socks is these grey socks that can only be described as … sweet. With the open knit, the bow, and the rich grey, it feels like something you’d see on a first-season minion on Gossip Girl.

This month’s Lucky has a feature on fashion rules you should be breaking (the new Lucky is amazing, by the way). One of those rules is “no socks with sandals.” Of course, they leave out some crucial details of the original edict: when someone says “no socks with sandals,” they mean “no white crew socks with a worn-out pair of Birks.” They don’t mean “no adorable polka dot socks with cool t-strap platforms.” This is one of those trends I can’t pull off – even with freakishly long legs, I’m still short and stocky – but I love seeing it in editorials.

Left: Forever 21 Leatherette Peep Toe Heels – $28.80
Center: TopShop Luminate Grey Ankle Strap High Heeled Sandals – $145
Right:Talbots Ankle Strap Leather Platforms – $169

Speaking of sandals and socks … any of these three would pair happily with some cute socks (in an editorial, anyway). I’ve been trying to find a way to work these Forever 21 heels into a Friday Feets for a while. I really like the cutouts and the stacked heel – the whole shoe feels summery and sophisticated, a style that I am currently lacking in my shoe collection. These Talbots heels are the classier, dressy night out version of the Forever 21 shoes. I included these TopShop shoes because they’re different from the ones I normally post. They’re a little too structural for me, but they’re different, and the colors remind me of the best show ever, Miami Vice. Also, they have velcro straps, which could lead to hours and hours of very satisfying ripping and re-sticking.

Hey, look, I managed to complete a Friday Feets on time! Yay, me. I’m going to go celebrate, hope you guys have a good weekend, and thanks for reading!

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  1. Reply Sonja Mar 11, 2011 7:59 pm

    I want that trench.

  2. Reply Jen @ Mar 13, 2011 6:17 pm

    I applaud your ability to pin-point the style of not just a GG minion, but a season 1 minion, at that. Brava.

    • Reply Amanda Mar 16, 2011 4:01 pm

      I always thought that the storage space in my brain devoted to Gossip Girl fashion will come in handy one day. You’ve given me that chance. Thank you.

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