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Did you know that there are children in Asia who don’t own pants? Yes, there are thousands – maybe millions – of children who go pantsless every single day.

And yet, despite the hardships faced by others, American designers continue to flaunt our fabric surplus with harem pants.

Look at them. They’re the sartorial equivalent of a competitive eating tournament. The excesses are disgusting – when so many go without, we overindulge to the point where our pants no longer resemble pants. The model appears to have a very bad case of low-hanging camel toe, or maybe a rare strain of elephantiasis. The crotch of these pants is hanging down around mid-shin, and the designers felt this was a perfectly reasonable fashion choice.

Classic American arrogance.

Pants like these could clothe eight children or four adults. Yes, just a few pairs of these could solve the clothing epidemic raging through developing nations. And yet here we are, a nation of pants whose crotches are roomy enough to store a laptop. Our drawers may be droopy, but our closets are full.

For shame, America. For shame.

Forever 21 Splatter Print Harem Pants – $29

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  1. Reply Kyra Mar 8, 2011 9:44 pm

    If only they had made this into a skirt; it’s such an interesting pattern.

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