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Lately my boyfriend and I have been watching a lot of Married With Children on Netflix Instant Streaming. I didn’t watch the show when I was growing up. Whenever I heard that horrible theme song start, it signaled the end of afternoon cartoons and the beginning of a block of syndicated sitcoms – meaning, it was time for me to do my homework.

Now that I’m older, I can see how much I have missed – how empty, until now, my life has been. But no more – we’ve been plowing through the episodes voraciously, trying to combat the painful mediocrity of Robots in Space (alias: Battlestar Galactica).

One of the best parts of the show is seeing Kelly Bundy’s classic 90′s tramp outfits. The crop tops paired with high-rise mom jeans, the fringed leather jackets, the skintight dresses. . Kelly’s clothes are perfectly suited for a girl whose greatest aspiration in life would probably be to dance on a car in a Whitesnake video.

Nearly 25 years after it premiered, Married With Children is a fashion timecapsule – a look back at a more innocent time, when all it took to be a tramp was some spandex and a few lines of dialogue about dating your math teacher. Many of these fashions have gone the way of the stirrup leggings worn as pants, and nowadays it takes at least two sex tapes and an E! show to be a notable tramp.

But now, the stirrup legging is back … which makes it only fitting that TopShop has resurrected the fashions of a simpler time.

Prepare to be greeted with a studio audience’s enthusiastic “Woooo”s whenever you enter a room. Ready yourself for the men who will fall at your feet to do your math homework. Set your rates, because you won’t be able to stand on a street corner without being asked “How much?”

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you …. TopShop’s new Kelly Bundy collection.

TopShop Black Fishnet Panel Dress – $108

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