Strained Cheesecloth 1

Sometimes, a photo just doesn’t do a dress justice. Sometimes, a photo doesn’t do the model justice.

And then sometimes, this happens.

There are many other pictures of this dress not looking quite so wildly unflattering. How did the stylist on set not stop and say, “Hey guys, maybe we should work a little harder to hoist her girls skyward. They’re just looking a little downtrodden by the endless march of time and the cruel pull of gravity. I just don’t think the look we’re going for is Drew Barrymore at the Golden Globes, you know?”

“Sure, the dress is made out of cheesecloth, but that doesn’t mean the model’s anatomy has to look like mozzarella curds dangling over a kitchen sink.”

Asos Cheesecloth Halter Maxi Dress – $40.34

Mozzarella picture courtesy of Button Soup

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One comment on “Strained Cheesecloth

  1. Reply Annabelle Mar 18, 2011 7:29 pm

    Oh, my. I thought you were just being witty with a cheesecloth analogy, until I clicked the link and realized the dress is actually made of cheesecloth. Nobody should wear anything with the word “cheese” in its name.

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